Pretty women need not apply to Civil War nurses unit

Aug 22, 2012


Today on the Sandusky History Blog, we learn about a stalwart Dorothea Dix, who created a corps of female nurse volunteers after she noticed the severe lack of medical care for soldiers injured in the Civil War.

"She hoped to keep romance out of the army, so her requirements for nurses were very strict. Her requirements, which were published as an article in the Sandusky Register, included: only plain looking women over the age of thirty could apply, married ladies preferred; dresses must be brown or black; women’s clothing could not have any jewelry, and their hair could not have bows or curls; women could not wear hoop skirts. This was because hoops were cumbersome, and made movement in narrow wards difficult. The ban on hoop skirts was even published in the Sandusky Register as an order from the government."

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