BLOG: Update on Lions Park improvements

Aug 14, 2012


My topic this week is an update on Lions Park. A purchase order has been submitted for the basketball court equipment. The equipment is expected to arrive in four weeks. Plans were to have removable poles but the city has decided against that plan and they are installing stationary poles instead.

The rock climbing equipment will not happen until 2013. From what I understand, the rock climbing equipment is very expensive.

I checked the splash pad and noticed the geese had left their calling card. Hopefully, the city has a solution to this problem before the kids start to visit the area. I have never seen the geese at Lions Park before and I am concerned about keeping the splash pad area clean.

There has been a little surprise concerning the splash pad. I thought that the splash pad was going to be like Huron Park’s splash pad but that is not so. Instead, there will be no equipment only sprayers spraying water up out of the cement pad. The city told me that the pad was never originally set up to have the equipment like Huron Park had installed.

Let’s hope all the improved facilities will be open to the public yet this year and the city doesn’t drag out the punch list and final payment to the contractor. With the city, things can change on a dime when you don’t think things will happen and then they start moving once again. We will have to wait and see what actually happens.

The front bushes are being cleared out so visitors can get a clear view of the kids in the park making for less maintenance and the chunks of cement have been cleared from the parking lot.

A stone driveway has been installed right through the middle of the park to provide an exit out of the splash pad area because the design did not provide for a turnaround. I hope the driveway positioning does not pose a safety issue.

Last time I was down at Lions Park, the shoreline was filled with lots of dead fish rotting away. Since then, the beach has been cleaned up. Thank you to the person who cleaned up the beach area.

From what I understand, the Lions Park design was scaled down due to the budget constraints. Items like less landscaping, taking out the restroom shelter, different stone selection on the restrooms walls, and leaving out the concession stand have been altered for now. If you haven’t been out to Lions Park lately, I have included pictures of the park in my blog.

Until next time, thanks for checking out my blog.

Sharon Johnson is a born and bred Sandusky resident who's outspoken about community issues. Her blog, chronicling her efforts to keep tabs on city projects, is posted here Tuesdays at 11 a.m.



When can we expect Ms. Johnson to run for office?  I mean, if she wants to be part of the solution, why not be part of the solution.  Monday morning quarterbacks have never won a game...

T. A. Schwanger

Matt Westerhold puts it best:::Leaders do not necessarily have to be elected to city commission to lead.

You go Sharon and don't let those who pretend they have never questioned their government hinder your efforts. Heck, those folks prodding you are pobably elected officials anyway.

As for Lion's Park, when finally open, I'm concerned the community will be disappointed in the design especially the spash pad. Inferior to the Huron Park spash pad, was the City concerned about vandalism?

A few city commission meetings ago, City Manager Ard referenced Lion's Park Beach nourishment. Does this mean the City is considering bringing in sand and erosion control measures like rebuilding the breakwall barrier or are we relying on Mother Nature to create a beach in the not forseeable future. Sure would be nice to be able to walk into the water beyond the big toe.

The Don

 She has never seen geese at lions park? Really?   This lady is just grumpy and must live a sad boring life...all she does is complain!   RUN FOR OFFICE, then we all can pick you apart!

T. A. Schwanger


Sounds good, hopefully maintenance will be easier. What do neighbors think?    How about community envolvement in reguards to help for the couple of ferral felines that live  there. They are friendly, almost Lions Park mascots.  The community should adopt them and give them assistance , it would be really nice, 2 resident tiny lions for all to care for.    Just asking.  Crackheads unite


I think the geese go wherever they find a spot they like lately. Before they took up residence at the Amory, now its out at Lion's park.  Heaven knows where they will go next.  It could be my backyard for all anyone knows.  It seems they like to be where it is quiet one minute and noisy the next. 

As for Lion's Park, I hope all enjoy it. 

Are some of the problems with finishing some of these projects because the people who started them no longer in office?


Yet another person that wants to throw stones at City Hall, but will never actually take the steps needed to be part of the true solution to the problem. 

Do not get me wrong, I am not saying that you should not question elected leaders.  However, part of the problem in this city is that all the people that think they can do better never run for office.

I am sick of seeing the same names pop up over and over but never see these names on a ballot.  If you think you can do better, do it!!!  Please for the sake of the city do it!!!  I am not attacking here, I am asking...or maybe rather pleading.  Having a blog on this site does not solve anything, being a pest at City Hall meetings has not solved anything.  If you really want to be a driving force in this city, run for city commission!!  That is unless you are afraid of being responsible for your ideas.  I guess I can understand that, some people would rather stand on the sidelines and shout at the players, rather than having the pressure and the glory that comes with actually playing the game. 


@ Mr. Sandusky....May I ask, sir, are you ON or have you been on the city commission or have you held a position of leadership?  Are you part of the solution as you put it. 

I am not defending anyone here, I really am not.  Just asking for my own selfish reasons.  I am nosey.  LOL

T. A. Schwanger

RE: MrSandusky

  Here are a few famous quotes for you to ponder in answer to your, and other's, opined requirements for local residents to question, express concerns and even suggest new ideas before its government and community only if they run for and get elected for office.


Government is not the solution to our problem. Government is the problem.

     RONALD REAGAN, First Inaugural Address, January 20, 1981

Governments have a tendency not to solve problems, only to rearrange them.


“We the people” tell the government what to do, it doesn’t tell us. —

    Ronald Reagan, Farewell Address (1989

One of the key problems today is that politics is such a disgrace, good people don't go into government.
       Donald Trump -


And I'm a Democrat