F.A. Riedy: "The only pipe doctor in town"

Aug 10, 2012


Today, the Sandusky History blog recalls a fine cigar and tobacco store operated by a German immigrant on Market Street in the 1880s.

"After working briefly as a blacksmith, Mr. Riedy went on to work in the cigar business in Sandusky for thirty years. The 1880 Sandusky City Directory listed F.A. Riedy as employee of Diehl and Riedy, a cigar manufacturer located at 1025 Market Street; by 1886, he was sole proprieter of this business. He also sold cigars, pipes, and tobacco at his store."

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That is so cool. 


A sign of the times. They were once called Tobbacconist and held respectable businesses in society, Now they are called "Head shops" and raided every 5 minutes. Today people who smoke cigarrettes are a pariah and those who smoke drugs are considered more upstanding as the legalize movement gains power. Seriously though, I think thats a Grateful dead concert poster in his window, But i reserve the right to be mistaken.