Norwalk woman remembered as pioneering teacher

Aug 8, 2012


Today on the Ohio's Yesterdays blog, we learn about Della Barber, a woman from Ohio who spent her life teaching African American girls in the years following the Civil War.

"Established in 1867 by the Presbyterian Board of Missions for Freedmen, Scotia educated young African American girls in 'religion and in the arts and sciences usually taught in seminaries of a high order.' In fact, the board modeled the school after New England’s Mount Holyoke. New students were astounded to see their teachers - white and African American, dining and socializing together. The board believed that whether its students became Christian teachers, social workers, nurses, wives, or mothers, Scotia graduates would pass on their knowledge to the next generation. Della Barber was one of the six teachers responsible for educating more than 200 young women at Scotia."

Read more about Della HERE.