Hungarian ancestry rich in Northern Ohio

Jul 25, 2012


While most of us consider ourselves Americans, it's common for families to remember the heritage of their immigrant grandparents or great-grandparents.

And locally, there are plenty of folks whose ancestors hailed from Europe. This week, the Genealogy of Northwest Ohio blog talks about people of Hungarian ancestry.

"An important immigrant group to Toledo and Northwest Ohio were the people that came from the area in Central Europe known as the Magyars. This area stretched from Poland to the North to Belgrade in the southern region. The area would also encompass the large known as Transylvania. (No Dracula jokes) With the redrawing of borders after the first World War much of would have been considered Hungary would have changed," according to the blog. 

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Old Hunky joke ends with the punch line:  ......Gary Indiana


The Big Dog's back

 Tony Packo's in East Toledo along with Takacs Meat market right around the corner. Great Kobasa.



When I was a pup we made "Hurka". We used natural casing and used the head meat for the filling. The feet got pickled and we made "cracklins" out of the skin..  Nothing was wasted.

We would roast a chunk of bacon on an open fire, and drip the hot grease on a chunk of homemade bread. Today young people refer to it as "Hunky Turkey". I roasted a lot of chunks of bacon and never heard any of my friends or family call it that.  LOL


The Big Dog's back

 Ahhh yes, good old jowl bacon drippings. We used rye bread, onions, green peppers, tomatoes, salt and pepper.



I spent the first six years of my life in a Slovak, Magyar, Italian, Polish end of town.   We lived in a company rental with electricity and coal stove.   The hood got their water from a common shallow well hand pump that was only a few feet from the lake and ten foot deep. It was lake water filtered thru a few cracks in the rock.   I went to the pump for a pail of drinking water and the pump handle was missing. The health board had condemned the well and to keep us from drinking the water took the handle.   To make a long story shorter…… Within a week every house in the hood had made a new handle.   The health board would check find no handle and figured they saved us all from unfit water.   We could never figure out what the hell they expected us to drink.   When the pump froze in the winter, we chopped a hole in the ice and drank lake water.   That was my first encounter with government and it’s gone downhill from there.   LOL

 Thank you for all the awesome stories.  Love to hear about the sacrifices that families made.  Thank you for reading my blog.