Beautiful day for a historic wedding

Jul 20, 2012


The Sandusky History blog felt love in the air this week, sharing a post about the wedding between Leo E. Wagner and Clara Cable in 1910.

According to the blog, "For many years, Leo E. Wagner operated a florist shop at the northeast corner of Columbus Avenue and East Monroe Streets. This location was later occupied by Russell’s Flowers, and since 2009 is home to Tre Sorelle Cioccolato."

See photos and read more HERE.




I LOVE the chocolates that are there now, and Russels was THE place to buy flowers.  By the way, that is some dress. 


Wow ,  what a gorgeous gown!      I just bet it  cost a pretty penny back then.


What a stunning bride!  History is EVERYTHING, if people would simply learn from it.


Yes, stunning ! It seems people didn't smile in photographs in the early 1900s...I wonder why? 


There were no instant cameras or  instant anything  in those times.

Back then,  people were  told to  pose very still  ..something about the exposure of the plates,  upwards of about  15 or 20 minutes.   Remember these were all considered very formal  photographs.   Can you imagine trying to hold a smile for  15 minutes...

Another reason  was poor dental care.


 Oh my...!5/20 minutes of being still ?!  No wonder !! Also,I completely forgot about the lack of dental care/hygiene. Thanks for clueing me in Bobaluey ! 


Oh  she is looking stunning, I wish I could marry in the same manner. My would be will wear same type of gown.

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