Looking denial in the face

Jun 29, 2012


This week local blogger Trina Crosland talks about conquering denial about her health and getting to work improving it.

She writes, "I am looking denial in the face and telling him to kiss my butt.  By facing that I have to take care of this instead of wishing it away, it means that I have to finally deal with it and take care of it.  How am I going to take care of this?  There are a lot of things I can do."

Read more about her weight loss journey HERE.



 Best wishes to you. I didn't know we were allowed to go through lazy river without a tube..Im gonna have to try that. 

Trina Crosland

Thanks!  You have to use a raft in the lazy river.  I put it over me, and just walk the length of it.  Provides great resistance.  I do sometimes relax, but its great resistance, and very refreashing on a hot summers day.


 Im gonna try it..even if its just for a little while. Hey..at least we won't get all sweaty..or at least it won't look like it being in the water. (: