FIT CHALLENGE: Grant shoots first gun

Jun 26, 2012


This past week has gone great, even though I was a little under the weather.  What a great way to welcome summer in. 

Well, let me refresh you readers memory; our last FIT Challenge was Wednesday.  It was a historical reenactment of King Louis XVI trying to escape the French Revolution.  He was captured June 20th. There was an obstacle course set up to test balance, agility, flexibility, core strength and endurance. At the end of the obstacle course, we had 30 seconds to fire five shots at targets from a rifle. Guess what, I earned second place.  This final challenge has been another example of showing my hard work has paid off.

So I am officially done with summer school; now I get to enjoy summer a little bit.  I also have a week left until my vacation to Fort Lauderdale, Fla., for my annual family reunion on my maternal grandmother’s side of the family.  I am so excited to get out of Sandusky and see a new scene.  But Sandusky will always and forever be home.

Even though I have been under the weather I have still found the strength to make it to the gym.  The weekend before last my throat started hurting, so I figured oh, it’s just a sore throat.  Then days later I started sneezing and coughing.  I am still coughing and sneezing somewhat, but not as bad.  It is just due to the weather changing rapidly and sleeping under the AC a lot, but hey, I will get over it.

The workouts with Ken Cutcher of Anytime Fitness are going great! We are focusing on circuit style training with total body workouts.  Then we are finishing it off with 20-30 minutes of cardio.  Dieting is going excellent, eating balanced nutritional meals, including meat, veggies, a type of starch and fruit.  When I do get a sweet tooth, I grab some fruit or even have a small slice of dessert.  I wash it all down with two glasses of water, but since the weather has become hotter, I have been drinking plenty of water constantly.

Thank you to all my supporters and readers who have been following me since day one.  This journey has just begun and I am going to continue to keep losing the pounds and inches.  Carla and Craig you two did well at the last FIT Challenge.  Keep up the good work; we all are winners no matter what.