FIT CHALLENGE: Wessels prepares for 5K

Jun 26, 2012


From an exercise standpoint this may not have been my most productive week, but I started slow intentionally.  Having struggled for a while with my bum hamstring, I wanted to be careful going into Wednesday’s final FIT Challenge.  That being said, I only spent time gardening on Tuesday prior to Wednesday.

I must be totally honest, I was not looking forward to the challenge.  I figured we were finished with them, but this one was added at the last minute.  That being said, I had a blast doing the final challenge.  It was much more fun that I thought it would be.  The mud pit was a huge challenge, but I got through it much more quickly than I thought I would.  The final part of the challenge involved some target shooting, which I genuinely enjoyed, as I spent four years in the Rifle Club at Sandusky High WAY back in the 70s and 80s.  (Thanks a bunch for the training Mr. Carver.)  I was fortunate enough to win this last challenge, but I think we all had a blast.
On Thursday, I spent the day gardening, attempting to rid my shade garden of an overabundance of clover.  I had a modicum of success, but there is quite a bit to go, and I ended up with a fairly sore back.  I’ll be getting back in there on Tuesday.
On both Friday and Saturday, I didn’t get to NOMS, but I did do a 5K on the treadmill in hopes of getting ready for the Stein Hospice Memorial 5K on June 30th.  I’ve never officially “run” a 5k before, but have put in that distance countless times in the past six months.  I’m hoping that I am able to achieve this as one of my final hurdles of the challenge, as this run has been renamed to honor Chris Smith, the Perkins Cross Country coach and Stein Hospice pharmacist who died tragically recently.  While I know I’ll likely be one of the last to finish, it will be a great accomplishment if I do in fact reach the finish line.

Again, to all of you who have supported me in the last six months, I sincerely thank you.  Carla, Derek……let’s finish this thing with a bang.