FIT CHALLENGE: Ontko reflects on life, death and dieting

Jun 26, 2012


Wow.  Time flies, doesn’t it?

Thirty years ago, I started dieting on Jan. 1 because I had 15-20 leftover baby pounds to get rid of.  My baby was 4 years old, and the extra weight needed to go.
I was so glad I had decided to diet and exercise because my family found out my mother had cancer.  She made it close to Mother’s Day, but if I hadn’t already been mentally prepared to diet and exercise, I may have really added on weight because of the stress.
My daughter turned 5 the day of my mother’s funeral.  I was 27, and my youngest sibling was 14.  My other sister was pregnant and due a month later.
Thirty years later, I start exercising and dieting with the Register’s FIT Challenge on Jan. 1.
My ex-husband, who has been battling cancer for nine years, was in the same situation my mother was in.  He made it to the day after Father’s Day.
My youngest child is 24 and the oldest is 35.  One daughter had her birthday the day after the funeral.  Another daughter is pregnant and due a month later.  Very, very, unusual …
That having been said I wasn’t really in the mood for the challenge Wednesday, and almost didn’t go.  But my personal trainer Trevor Tieche of Bodi N Balance had been preparing the field for this event and planning the obstacles, and I couldn’t let him down.
But I still kind of did.
I didn’t bring the costume I had in the trunk of my car.  I had forgotten we got time off of our total if we didn’t come dressed for the period.  I don’t do well in the extreme heat we had either.  And when I got to the first obstacle, pulling a 70-pound weight on a sled, I was spent (and that was the first obstacle on the course).
But I kept on.
When I got to the obstacle that had us crawling in the mud and water (which I had dreaded), it wasn’t so bad.  There was quite a deep hole at the end and it actually cooled me off!  I made it to the end, and then had 90 seconds to get to the shooting range he had set up.  I shot two of the pop cans out!  I have never shot a gun.  Always wanted to, just never had the opportunity!
So, the moral of this story is just what Trevor has tried to get me to experience this whole time. Exercising should be something to look forward to, not a drudgery. Although my mind was not really at this event, I came away smiling and feeling better.
How could that happen in the 97 degree heat? I don’t actually know.  I’m just glad it was planned because it sure had me smiling when it was finished.  I didn’t do my best, but boy can Craig and Derek run! Their times were amazing and they came in first and second place. Congratulations guys!