BLOG: Here's hoping Romney agrees Sandusky 'counts'

Emil Whitis
Jun 21, 2012

I may have been taken for a ride. Again.

After making what I thought were huge steps toward my goal of landing an in-person interview with Mitt Romney, there’s been nothing but silence from the Romney machine.

Last month, Romney’s right-hand man — well, his regional spokesperson — Christopher Maloney made some promises that have kept me optimistic in my endeavor.

He said things like, “I can’t guarantee,” and, “The governor is really busy.”

Still, after the conversation I was pretty confident I’d get my 15 minutes with Romney.

That’s the way it sounded, anyway. Maybe I heard something that wasn’t there. Maybe I should have been more cautious, more cynical.

Maloney promised to get in touch with me when Romney was back in town.

Lo and behold, I learned recently that the GOP candidate has been on an “Every Town Counts” bus tour, trekking from New Hampshire to Michigan.

On Father’s Day, he crossed onto Ohio soil, making stops in Brunswick, 66 miles from Sandusky; Newark, 106 miles from Sandusky; and Troy, 161 miles from Sandusky.

By Tuesday, the Romneymobile had already been into Iowa, Wisconsin and his native state of Michigan.
Stated his campaign website: “After spending days in New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin and Iowa, Mitt and wife Ann enthusiastically declared how grateful they were to be back in the state where both grew up.”

According to the website, Ann Romney said: “I can’t believe it, we are in Michigan! Yay! This is the greatest state, people don’t know how wonderful it is to be from here.”

Geez. Where were you at, Maloney?

Maloney called me back at 5:40 p.m. Tuesday and said Brunswick doesn’t qualify as my “neck of the woods” because it’s in northeast Ohio. Sandusky is in northwest Ohio. 

Let’s not split hairs, shall we?  I then said what I should have said months ago: I consider an hour-long drive my “neck of the woods.”

And, realizing Maloney is a pretty busy man, I’ve been trying to give him some space in recent weeks. 
But from now on, my strategy is to call and email him once a day.

I’m going to be like his worst girlfriend, ever. He’ll either shower me with updates or he’ll apply for a civil protection order.    

Meanwhile, I’ve also decided to seek out more contacts.

I thought a precise approach — focusing on the Romney campaign’s go-to guys — would be best, but now I realize I’m just one of many reporters with the same idea.

I need a way to separate myself and Sandusky from the crowd.

I could always throw up a Hail Mary, too.

At Mitt’s website,, campaign wizards are promoting a contest to win a “Day on the Road with Mitt.”

For a donation of $5 or more, donors are entered into a drawing to hang out with Mitt on his “Believe in America Bus Tour.

Or was it the “Every Town Counts Bus Tour”? 

Two tours, or two names for one trip? I’m getting confused.

“There’s no better way to kick off the beginning of summer than a road trip across America. And who better to hit the road with than Mitt?” the website promo reads. “Two lucky supporters will get the chance to spend a day on the campaign with Mitt. Donate $5 to be automatically entered to win for the chance to be Mitt’s special guest on the road.”

In my last segment of Chasing the President, I agreed to foot the bill for a six-pack of brew if I get a sit-down with Mitt.

Now I have to donate $5 to enter a lottery? I’ll be up to at least $10 when all is said and done.

At what point do I report this as campaign financing?    



Each presidential election year the Register chooses two reporters to keep tabs on the national candidates and attempt to reel them in for a visit to our fine Northern Ohio home. This year reporter Andy Ouriel is following President Barack Obama's re-election campaign while reporter Emil Whitis gives his attention to the GOP race and candidate Mitt Romney. They update readers regularly on their progress in a series we call "Chasing the President."





 I was not commenting on Obama's race at all. I was commenting on how Big Dog sees the world. As for Obama's 4 year term i have seen enough to know it is more of the same old washington shuffle. The pullout of Iraq was determined in the bush years. But the rest of the policys of this admin run right along with or are more extreme than Bush's. Be patient? When shall we wait till, The money is worthless or all our rights have went out the window because the DHS can ignore laws? This is simple. We are at 102% of the GDP. A Police state for purposes where the government can arrest you indefinatly detain you or just out right kill you even if it is under a assumption. The rest of the world HATES us, Meaning we ARE the most hated country on the planet. But the democrats AND the republicans know the citizens are too stupid to think for themselves and are wanting them to elect the SAME guy we already have or the other guy who is THE SAME as the one we have to keep handing out money to there friends while the jobs go overseas. Even the gov is OUTSOURCING to china. Half our military equip is made in china? Yeah keep voting the same folks in and it will not be long but we will only have ourselves to blame.



What about being a uniter instead of a divider. Gitmo. The wars. We are still over there in afghanistan forever and Iraq is still full of our people. The debt. Printing money. Getting rid of the patriot act and draconian measures against the US. When he cam in we were going through a economic downturn that is as close to crashing as we can get but what did we get. Healthcare bills that are either unconstitutional or force feeding private corperations that are gouging the citizens. Notice how premiums and such have went up? Guess not. More Czars and threats of more wars. Yeah i wanted alot more for all the rhetoric about how bad bush was NOT Bush part 2.



Re:it will not be long but we will only have ourselves to blame.

Look around from where you are sitting.

How much of what you see is made in the USA?

We import the majority of our goods, and then complain because Obama has not created enough jobs.

When I was a pup, I could look around a room and everything I saw was made in the USA.

All this to say: You can't have cheap imported goods and good manufacturing jobs.

Save money so the Chinese and Japanese can live better.




This has been comming for quite awhile. And yes we only have ourselves to blame. Keeping the status quo of these two partys is dragging us towards a cliff. Instead of bucking the trend we follow along blindly fighting for this politician or that one depending on your "Side" while the entire country falls apart. It still boils down to we elect these fools to look out for our best intrest But instead we have been sold out. Some still fight on to defend the same ones who are selling us out without ever thinking for a minute that the last 40 years of the two partys working along the same lines has led us here.


@ Donegan; "Yup".


@ Kimo; Your post pretty much hit the nail square on the head. That is, "Jobs = $ = power = representation". The problem is the $ are now in the hands of a few. Those few now have the "representation". Therefore the question becomes, "How do we, the average Joe Smuch, regain representation?". The options to regain representation are extremely limited and the reality of those few options' outcomes must be chosen extremely carefully. The "heirarchy" (world bankers, Corporate America, et. al.) have had their eyes set on this sceanario for a long, long time and have had ample time to make contingency plans for any advent we (the Joe Smuchs of the world) may try to implement. Voting, per say, may or may not be enough to right the wrongs. Should voting fail us in our futile attempts to regain a democratic representation...we are only left with two options. (1) is to give up and succumb to whatever the heirarchy has in mind for our livelyhoods and lives or...(2) fight like 7ell.

Too many American voters get distracted by all the periphieal crappola the politicians throw into the media's windstorm call "news" when the the realities are are not only severely critical but simple. "They" are stealing our money, our rights/freedoms and the future of the world-wide citizens for their own economic and power gains.

If we (American voters) keep our thoughts on the simplified version of reality...we have a chance. A chance to re-gain what this country was founded on. Democracry through rule of law. Anything short of that and we have lost. And...lost forever.

* Option (2) {revolution} will be very messy. (A good book to read is, "Brave New World". It forecasted what we are now seeing and goes farther into the future. That future is a "natural" evolution of how the human race, in all its self-professed wisdom and glory, treats each other as the world becomes overwhelmed by the shere volume of our expanding population, global communication capabilities/travel, technology in general and the greatest of all influences...the human greed factor.

Good luck, be safe and be happy.


Wow!  It is certainly encouraging to read great posts from critical thinkers, NOT from liberal crybaby losers.  Here we have a whining reporter who is obviously from the "entitlement" culture who believes they are "special" and "deserving" by slamming the Republican candidate because they do not bow down to the Register?  How about the Register request 0bama to sit down for an interview and find out if the "anointed one" will oblige with more of that "hope and change" you can believe in?  Ha! Ha!  I totally agree with many of you.  WHY would someone like Romney come to Sandusky?  WHY would he come to a city where people FLEE to get out, there is major crime, democrack loser schools, a county with $125 MILLION in liberal DEBT and drop outs who have NO comprehension of basic English syntax?  I forgot, it is all the BLAME of Bush.  Oops, I see the major liberal network and cable news and the AP-0bama have completely REFUESED to report on the "Fast and Furious" crime and NOW they have to report it because the AG is now in contempt.  NOW, it is presidential "privilege" and immunity.  NOW, all you liberal news propaganda outlets will have to explain WHY you FAILED to report the TRUTH for the past YEAR about the KILLING of a Border Patrol agent and an ICE agent KILLED in an ambush in Mexico.  How about the THOUSANDS of Mexicans slaughtered by individuals who were armed by this idiotic DOJ/BATF Fast and Furious program?  Come on Register, how about answering a few questions instead of the usual liberal BLAME to keep supporting your loser president?  I know you can do it!  Where is all that transparency again?  How about another Register editor recommendation for FOUR MORE YEARS for the unifier?  How about a few of those failed, liberal and socialist LYING slogans: "Hope and Change, Hope we can Believe in, We Can't Wait, Greater Together, We Don't Quit, Forward and WTF!!"  Ha! Ha!


Kimo writes:

"All this to say: You can't have cheap imported goods and good manufacturing jobs."

If foreign countries like Japan and China along with their industries are so terrible, why then do public employee pension funds invest billions of dollars worth of assets in them?

Mfg. as a percentage of U.S. GDP has changed little over the past several decades.



pntbutterandjelly writes:

"The problem is the $ are now in the hands of a few"

Why is it that 10 of the 15 wealthiest counties in the U.S. surround Washington, DC?

Corporate America is the problem? The above evidence alone points more toward the Political Ruling class being made up of politicians, bureaucrats and lobbyists. 

Starve the Beast!

LIke A. Huxley? Read "Island." 

Gallup (June 18-20) : Romney 47%, Obama 45%. Disapproval Obama: 49%.



"Oops, I see the major liberal network and cable news and the AP-0bama have completely REFUESED to report on the "Fast and Furious" crime and NOW they have to report it because the AG is now in contempt. NOW, it is presidential "privilege" and immunity. NOW, all you liberal news propaganda outlets will have to explain WHY you FAILED to report the TRUTH for the past YEAR about the KILLING of a Border Patrol agent and an ICE agent KILLED in an ambush in Mexico. How about the THOUSANDS of Mexicans slaughtered by individuals who were armed by this idiotic DOJ/BATF Fast and Furious program?"   that is a good comment, taxpayer. why did maim stream news try to hush this up? i see that more of my comments are being deleted by the moderarors for personal attacks. Moderators have removed this comment because it contained personal attacks.  this comment was on the ask eda story where i gave a thumbs up to wiredmama and others for their intelligent well thought out comments and mentioned four separate groups of people such as sheep and morons who like the ask eda column. there was no personal attack in my comments against any individual. somebody please give the moderator a dictionary of what the word personal means. it means one person. a individual. many on here are trying to silence me by hitting the alert us button and the moderator obliges. unassumer lobbed a personal attack on me on that same ask eva story "I would venture to say that you might be a sheep yourself and critical thinking is not your strong point, nor is it an attribute of very many that post anywhere on the Register's stories."   unassumer needs another screen name since unassumer means somebody that is humble and modest. i knew that the four groups of people that i mentioned were four very distinct groups, all of which had different meanings which is why i had commas after each group.


i am one that likes taxpayer's comments. go ahead and delete this comment sandusky register moderator nazi. there should be many who are hitting the alert button right now..


Fast and Furious?

"Pelosi: Holder contempt vote about voter suppression, not Fast and Furious":

What kinds of drugs is she on?????



That is whats known as a diversion. Somthing is up and its big enough for the whitehouse to stick its neck out for Holder. The hearings on Fast and Furious were comical. No one has been fired or repremanded and there have been a ton of promotions because of this on the lower levels. From what i have seen on CSPAN and read online this program has the executive branch in panic mode. Pelosi is just trying to draw away from somthing big. According to our own laws mexico could consider the US a terrorist nation for selling weapons to the mafia's. Sorta like Iran selling weapons to Iraq or Syria selling weapons in Gaza. Whatever they are hiding the white house has jumped in the middle of it after a year of stalling. So much for transparency.


dog says - "So please share with me the promises he made that you want."

obumbles campaign promise: "i will have a more transparent gov't"  yet he invokes presidential privilage on the failed "fast and furious" program in which obumbles and holder are directly responsible for the murder of american law enforcement.  now thats transparency!!!  (that is one lawsuit that i would pursue if i were those family members.) 

also, i am glad he shuttered guantanamo bay so quickly as promised...........hahaahahahaaa!!


Perhaps if you didn't work for a newspaper that treats Obama as a Messiah you would actually stand a chance to get an interview. Why would Mitt go into an interview knowing support will go to his opponent ?

The Big Dog's back

 mitt's a nerdy coward.

The Big Dog's back says

mitt's a nerdy coward.

Yep thats the best you have. Suprisingly you didnt pull the race card. Truly amazing.


i havent researched Dennis Kusinich thoroughly yet, but from what i saw in the 2008 Democratic debates, he seemed to be the Ron Paul of the left-wing.. the thing is that, even tho Paul gets all the applause now in 2012 debates, he was getting boo'd in the 2008 debates.. but, in those 2008 debates Kusinich was saying like 80% (or more) of the same things Ron Paul was saying and the Democrats were cheering him.. and Obama STILL got nominated in 2008.. wth?

i don't see how either party can have any self-esteem remaining, when both parties ignored the best man they had in their party.. it is an utter insult to this country that we are not deciding between Ron Paul and Dennis Kusinich.. which, so far in my reading, seems to me like it would be a vote for the greater of two goods, instead of a lesser of two evils


fiscal conservative + social liberal.. that is what Ron Paul is (and i think Democrat Dennis Kusinich is also to some extent, tho he may be a little less conservative on the fiscal responsibility end BUT he does seem to stand with Paul on confronting the Federal Reserve's role in our economic crisis too)... and that is the only combo that makes sense right now.. you have to be conservative on the fiscal responsibility side.. and u have to be liberal on the social side.. otherwise, there is upheaval.

Super Judge

 If President Romney decides to stop through you rubes better kiss his feet!


@ SJ:

I believe in equal opportunity:

I wouldn't walk across the street to listen to Pres. Obama read his teleprompter or to Mr. Romney giving a campaign speech.

Enjoy the show, the shows or the no shows.




           I had the displeasure of negotiating with Dennis "The Menace" in the early eighties.  I certainly agreed with just about everything He was saying when He was running in 08 but I kept remembering the Dennis I had learned would lie about anything and stab you in the back with a smile on his face.  Remember, this is the guy who was 100% against the Healthcare Bill only to change His mind in 46 minutes from D.C. to Cleveland on Air Force One.


Mitt Romney is THE most biggoted coward and LIAR of ANYONE that has ever yet to run for the most powerful office in this country!  I shiver to my soul to think he would EVER have a presence in our Government. If that should happen, I believe there will be MANY more apps for passports!!