BLOG: Here's hoping Romney agrees Sandusky 'counts'

Emil Whitis
Jun 21, 2012

I may have been taken for a ride. Again.

After making what I thought were huge steps toward my goal of landing an in-person interview with Mitt Romney, there’s been nothing but silence from the Romney machine.

Last month, Romney’s right-hand man — well, his regional spokesperson — Christopher Maloney made some promises that have kept me optimistic in my endeavor.

He said things like, “I can’t guarantee,” and, “The governor is really busy.”

Still, after the conversation I was pretty confident I’d get my 15 minutes with Romney.

That’s the way it sounded, anyway. Maybe I heard something that wasn’t there. Maybe I should have been more cautious, more cynical.

Maloney promised to get in touch with me when Romney was back in town.

Lo and behold, I learned recently that the GOP candidate has been on an “Every Town Counts” bus tour, trekking from New Hampshire to Michigan.

On Father’s Day, he crossed onto Ohio soil, making stops in Brunswick, 66 miles from Sandusky; Newark, 106 miles from Sandusky; and Troy, 161 miles from Sandusky.

By Tuesday, the Romneymobile had already been into Iowa, Wisconsin and his native state of Michigan.
Stated his campaign website: “After spending days in New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin and Iowa, Mitt and wife Ann enthusiastically declared how grateful they were to be back in the state where both grew up.”

According to the website, Ann Romney said: “I can’t believe it, we are in Michigan! Yay! This is the greatest state, people don’t know how wonderful it is to be from here.”

Geez. Where were you at, Maloney?

Maloney called me back at 5:40 p.m. Tuesday and said Brunswick doesn’t qualify as my “neck of the woods” because it’s in northeast Ohio. Sandusky is in northwest Ohio. 

Let’s not split hairs, shall we?  I then said what I should have said months ago: I consider an hour-long drive my “neck of the woods.”

And, realizing Maloney is a pretty busy man, I’ve been trying to give him some space in recent weeks. 
But from now on, my strategy is to call and email him once a day.

I’m going to be like his worst girlfriend, ever. He’ll either shower me with updates or he’ll apply for a civil protection order.    

Meanwhile, I’ve also decided to seek out more contacts.

I thought a precise approach — focusing on the Romney campaign’s go-to guys — would be best, but now I realize I’m just one of many reporters with the same idea.

I need a way to separate myself and Sandusky from the crowd.

I could always throw up a Hail Mary, too.

At Mitt’s website,, campaign wizards are promoting a contest to win a “Day on the Road with Mitt.”

For a donation of $5 or more, donors are entered into a drawing to hang out with Mitt on his “Believe in America Bus Tour.

Or was it the “Every Town Counts Bus Tour”? 

Two tours, or two names for one trip? I’m getting confused.

“There’s no better way to kick off the beginning of summer than a road trip across America. And who better to hit the road with than Mitt?” the website promo reads. “Two lucky supporters will get the chance to spend a day on the campaign with Mitt. Donate $5 to be automatically entered to win for the chance to be Mitt’s special guest on the road.”

In my last segment of Chasing the President, I agreed to foot the bill for a six-pack of brew if I get a sit-down with Mitt.

Now I have to donate $5 to enter a lottery? I’ll be up to at least $10 when all is said and done.

At what point do I report this as campaign financing?    



Each presidential election year the Register chooses two reporters to keep tabs on the national candidates and attempt to reel them in for a visit to our fine Northern Ohio home. This year reporter Andy Ouriel is following President Barack Obama's re-election campaign while reporter Emil Whitis gives his attention to the GOP race and candidate Mitt Romney. They update readers regularly on their progress in a series we call "Chasing the President."




@ Mr. Whitis:

How exactly is your inability to obtain an interview worthy of front-page news?

Instead, it reads more like a whiny self-serving hit piece directed at Mr. Romney.

In direct sales, no one cares how many appointments or attempts one had, what's important is the application and the check (the sale).

Your column should be removed to the entertainment section or discontinued until you actually have something worthwhile to share.

Go seek out the Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson.

Libertarians need all the publicity that they can get. Also, locals need to know that there is a credible alternative to the Dumb and Dumber parties.


Eph 2 8-10

Yep, a whiny liberal

Jane Goodall

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 Why would Romney bother campaigning in an area that has pledged blind allegiance to the Democrat Party ever since I can remember.  Freeloaders and Union dolts vote for whomever their master tells them to vote for, which is a straight Dem ticket.  This is the same reason Obama will never come to this area.  In an area that is solidly in the Dems pocket, there is no need to campaign there.  Candidates throw their money where the vote is likely to be close, not where it is going to be a landslide.


  There wasn't a need for Marcy Kaptur to even speak anywhere in this area.  The Nancy Pelosi twin was a shoo-in from the get-go.  When the likes of a life time politician doesn't even need to campaign there is a real problem with voters in the area.  Yes, I voted for Her every time until the last election.  It has taken awhile, but I have finally seen the light.


 I don't see a problem with this article. It's written with tongue planted firmly in cheek, but of course, most conservatives have absolutely no sense of humor, so they don't get it. Besides, if Romney wants to brand himself as a Friend to the Middle Class (which is a joke, in itself), one would think that he would want to try to connect with a good-sized middle-class community in a crucial swing state. The man is beyond out-of-touch with everyday working class Americans...


 @coasterfan says, "The man is beyond out-of-touch with everyday working class Americans..."  What scares me is that you think a wealthy guy like Obama who has never held a job outside of the government is in touch.  As far as Sandusky being a middle class community, do I really need to post the average household income and poverty rates for the city?  Sandusky is far from a middle class community.  In fact, if you look at the numbers, Sandusky has one of the highest per capita rates of people on the government dole in the state.  Which makes my point, Free money + no work requirement=votes for Dems.



What do you mean Obama's never had a job outside the government? I guess being a lecturer at University of Chicago doesn't count? Or as an attorney at lawfirm in Chicago for 10 years? 

Honestly, your comment basically illustrates the problem republicans currently have; it's not that their politics are bad, it's that they don't care about telling blatant lies and making things up in order to prove their point. If you have a point, make it, and back it up with facts. Don't say something that helps your cause and then hope it's right. A lot of what you said is right - both candidates are out of touch - but back it up with some facts like the Obamas' tax returns or something. Yeesh.

I wish facts would become fashionable in politics again.

Erie Countian

May I say again  how stupid and pathetic these continued "chasing the president" articles are? What a completely silly waste of time! Why would either candidate bother with a podunk reporter and newspaper like this? You make yourselves look completely ridiculous, whiny and unprofessional.  You're coming across like an immature, over-eager teenage reporter for the Hooterville High School newspaper trying to get a big story. Grow up!




There are fifty states (last time I checked; Barack Obama seems to have a different count). In those states — even just the so-called "battleground" states — there are thousands of cities. No candidate can visit them all, so he or she must pick and choose. How are stops selected? I suspect the campaign workers use two criteria: Is it convenient to our route? And do the polls show there's any chance of winning there?

Sandusky may have been semi-convenient to the Romney route, but there's no chance the voters here who are (sadly) overwhelmingly members of the "entitlement" crowd, will hand Mr. Romney a win. Add to that the fact that the Register reporters are almost uniformly silly at best, and all too often unprofessional (the case in point lies above), and you have more than enough explanation as to why a Romney visit here isn't likely.

I agree: Interview the Libertarian candidate. In fact, interview the Communist candidate (oh, wait, didn't the Communist Party endorse Barack Obama last week?). Interview the Green Party and Constitution Party candidates. Do they have a chance of winning? No. But there's a reason these third parties exist, and each will bring topics of discussion to the forefront that the "Dumb and Dumber" parties can't be bothered to express.

The more educated the electorate, the better future candidates will have to be. That, of course, explains the woeful lack (in general) of good candidates in recent years, but it's also our only hope to get better ones in the future! It's just sad that so many either look for an "R" or a "D" next to a name and cast their votes based solely on that single criteria. Learning anything, studying both sides of the issues, understanding anything, doing research to get the un-spun facts, well, that's WORK! But at least Register reporters might give the APPEARANCE of providing some legitimate and largely unknown answers to questions that some voters don't even know enough to ask!


The Obamas are NOT wealthy but they are rich.  The Romneys are wealthy.  Yes, there is a difference.  I am not sure this area is clearly Democratic.  The comments on here are anti-Obama most of the time even if the topic is totally unrelated.  Either way it does not matter.  Vote for who you think will do the best job.  Don't just take talking points from either side.  Do your own research.  President Obama is an impressive guy whether you agree with his policies or not.  His wife is equally impressive.  I have no issues with Romney as a man but he does not seem to stand for anything as a politician.  I would be willing to give him a chance if he had a plan.  He just wants to do what has already failed the American people.  Romney is the one clearly out of touch.  CLEARLY!  It's okay though, you are who you are!

The New World Czar

Is the SR so tight that it can't afford the gas money to send their political reporters out on the road to catch up with the Romney and Obama caravans? Maybe set your standards more realistically, like interviewing a county commissioner candidate.


taxpayer - i agree with your statement about the "fast and furious" program. 

maybe the sandusky register would like to step up to the plate and answer the question of why they did not report on this.  i mean, after all they are a world wide publication right??


Coasterfan says, ". . . this article . . .  [is]  . . . written with tongue planted firmly in cheek..."

Are you sure? One would hope it's just a stunt, but someone may be harboring delusions of grandeur here...



Sounds like you just want the SR to bash the President.  The Fast and Furious program was a failed program that started under the Bush adminstration and ended by the Obama administration.  I keep hearing about the border agent that was killed like you guys really care.  It is so unfortunate that man died but it is not any President's fault.  It was a failed program and that is why it was ended.  You CONS have a major issue with facts, especially if the facts are not in your favor.  Liberal this, liberal that, unions this, democrack that yet you receive a pension check from.........wait for it.......a public pension plan.  What a joke!


So the "Change" everyone voted for didnt include selling guns illegally, Gitmo, Starting new wars, Bad economic practices, Bailouts of political buddys, Tranparency, Less gov intrusion in our lives and rights, Getting rid of the police state, Throwing money to other countrys to buy elections? After 4 years arguing its still bush's fault is almost funny. Maybe you should find somthing Obama HAS changed and run on that.

  deertracker says

Sounds like you just want the SR to bash the President.  The Fast and Furious program was a failed program that started under the Bush adminstration and ended by the Obama administration.  I keep hearing about the border agent that was killed like you guys really care.  It is so unfortunate that man died but it is not any President's fault.  It was a failed program and that is why it was ended.  You CONS have a major issue with facts, especially if the facts are not in your favor.  Liberal this, liberal that, unions this, democrack that yet you receive a pension check from.........wait for it.......a public pension plan.  What a joke!


If Obama & Holder have nothing to hide then why are they not releasing the information requested? Also In a second major retraction over its version of the gun-walking scandal, the justice department has retracted Holder's charge in a hearing last week that his Bush asministration predecessor had been briefed on the affair. When he was originally asked about fast and furious Holder advised that he had just heard of it just a few weeks prior however documents were uncovered advising that he was lying as he was made aware of it for over a year.

It has been established that fast and furious was not started under the Bush admn. and if you have proof that it did then I feel you should contact the justice dept. now.


Perfect example of manu"'fact"ured facts.  Who was the president when the bailout funds were approved by Congress?  Political budd(y)ies?  Started new war?  The gov't is intruding in your life how?   Buying elections?  Who's blaming Bush?  For what?  Where do you get this garbage?  I guess McCain/Palin would have been your choice.  Sad, real sad!


@ deertracker:

Better check your "facts":

In 2008, the Dems had the majority in the HOR and the Senate and approved TARP, the majority of Repubs voted against it.

"More Democrats voted for it than Republicans in both chambers"

Another "fact" for ya:  Pres. Bush ain't running. Get over it.



#1 the congress passed the bailout, Dems in charge

#2 Soylendra and Corzine,GE, JP morgan and gang.

#3 Libya, promised israel to step in with Iran. (Thats a interesting read and treasonous)

#4 patriot act still in effect with NDAA added. "Due process is different than judicial process" Not to mention our new "Death" Czar mr obama with his baseball cards.

#5 Ok not out right buying, BUT giving waivers to groups and states for votes on legislature bribing them to vote certain ways.

#6  when the dems arent blaming bush they are screaming racism. Take your pick.

Whats sad is people still want these folks in power. THATS whats sad.

The Big Dog's back

 Deertracker, When a Repub is President, the House is Repub, the Senate is Repub, (2002-2006) it was still Barney Franks fault. When there is a Repub President and Repub Senate, it is still the Dems fault. When there is a Dem President, and a Repub Senate, it is still the Dems fault. Hey righties, just what scenario is it to be Repubs fault?


Did anyone watch Pres. Obama's press conference after the G-20 meeting?

That was the most confusing line of nonsense, helping to demonstrate that the guy is totally clueless and out of his depth.

His response in part on a question regarding Syria:

"I wouldn't suggest that at this point the United States and the rest of the international community are aligned with Russia and China in their positions, but I do think they recognize the grave dangers of all-out civil war.

I do not think they condone the massacres that we've witnessed. And I think they believe that everybody would be better served if Syria had a mechanism for ceasing the violence and creating a legitimate government."

The Russians have sent in helicopter gunships and they don't "condone the massacres"?

The Prez has lost his mind!



Fact for you

Bush ran this country into the ground.  Now, CONS like you are runnung away from his record.  Did you think all would be fixed in 3+ years? Question was...who was the president?  Any idea?  I am not blaming bush.  I actually like the guy he just SUCKED as a leader.  Patriot Act/  Really?  Who's blaming the wrong guy now?

Why should we intervene in Syria?  They don't even like us.  Really is not America's business.  Let the Syrian people decide their fate.

Get ready for four more years.  It is going to happen.  The CONS had their chance and blew it.  We almost went through a DEPRESSION!  Snap out of it.  You can hate the President without being IGNORANT. Well, maybe not!.

This country is better today than it was in'08 and it will get even better as long as the CONS are on the sideline.  You guys are bench warmers.......good job, you do that well!



Wheres the change? Thats what the president promised. Instead we have more of the same and more debt to boot. The patriot act is still there what happened? Oh we have NDAA now and the DHS can do anything it wants. I dont mind the president. He sets a prime example of whats wrong with washington. Bush was horrible. No denying that. Now we have Obama. Hes the same. You and all the other dems act as though the election is a game and if your guy wins its somthing special. Well your all wrong, Its not a game and we are all losing to these washington promise mills that do nothing but more of the same. Get better? How can you truly say that doubling the debt, destroying the currency and killing people with drones is really a good thing. Are you nuts or just stupid?

The syria thing along with Iran is in the mix right now because Obama has done signed the promise note. He needs another peace prize so he can drone kill more people i think.

The Big Dog's back

 So donegan, you are for no wars, single payer healthcare, taking the cap off of Social Security, taxing the rich more. Who knew you and the other right wingers are dissapointed he didn't do this. 



Actually i am dissapointed in all of washington. Obama is just more of the same. With all the things that havent changed and all the lies and drama this admin has created why would anyone want him to be in for another 4 years? It surely doesnt matter to a Racist such as yourself though, as long as another "Affluent" White guy doesnt get in huh?

The Big Dog's back

 I'm just trying to get at what changes Obama promised that you wanted done. He bent over backwards trying to please the Repubs. So please share with me the promises he made that you want.


deertracker writes:

"Why should we intervene in Syria? " Ask your pal, Pres Obama.

POTUS Obama:

'For the sake of the Syrian people, the time has come for President Assad to step aside,' 

On the economy: 

“I will be held accountable,” “I’ve got four years and … A year form now, I think people are going to see that we’re starting to make some progress, but there’s still going to be some pain out there … If I don’t have this done in three years, then there’s going to be a one-term proposition.”


You seriously need to listen to what Pres. Obama says, not what you think that he says.



Affluent?  White man?  I think you are equating those things with intelligence.  Doesn't half white count or do you adhere to the one drop rule?  You have better healthcare ins.  Your female counterpart now gets paid the same as your male counterparts for the same job.  America is much more respected around the globe.  Iraq war is no more. know the guy George didn't give alot of thought to fish food as well as plenty of his boys. I could go on and on but it would be pointless.  Changing anything takes time so be patient.  Judge the guy on his complete body of work in four years.