FIT CHALLENGE: Grant ready for final FIT Challenge

Jun 19, 2012


This past week has been going good. It is getting close to the end, but for me it’s just the beginning. 

You’re probably wondering why I said that. Well the FIT Challenge has paved a clear pathway for me to be able to lose weight and learn how to keep it off.  It also has given me a high self-esteem and I want to inspire others with their weight-loss endeavors.

Well I am in my last week of summer school, yes!  I am going to be busy studying and preparing for finals. Summer school has been great; I’ve got some classes done that I don’t have to worry about for the fall semester.  That is a good thing; I can now focus on the much more challenging classes.

The workouts are going good, but are challenging.  As we get more into the workouts, more weight is added. At times, this is a challenge, but I get through it.  We are still doing circuit training, focusing on all muscle groups and finishing it up with 20 or more minutes of cardio. I haven’t been that sore from the workouts, but I keep myself hydrated.

Dieting is going great. I am watching what I eat very closely because I do not want any weight gain creeping up on me BECAUSE I am so close to my 200-pound mark.  I am still cooking my meals, measuring the food I eat and drinking plenty of water.

So this Wednesday we will be having our last FIT Challenge, which is going to be a little interesting.  It will be a historical reenactment of King Louis XVI trying to escape the French Revolution.  He was captured June 20. There will be an obstacle course set up to test balance, agility, flexibility, core strength and endurance. At the end of the obstacle course, we will have 30 seconds to fire five shots at targets from a rifle. It sounds fun, I am ready for this!

So this quote has been on my mind ever since I’ve seen it at the Anytime Fitness in Huron:
“A man is not finished when he is defeated. He is finished when he quits”.
Richard M. Nixon

Thanks to all my supporters. Carla and Craig keep up the good work and keep going; we’re not done we’re just beginning.