A voyage to the islands used to look like this

Jun 15, 2012


Most people heading to the Lake Erie islands this weekend will take a ferry — just like visitors did 100 years ago. The vessels, however, will look much different.

The folks at the Sandusky History Blog shared a post this week about the "Put-in-Bay," a steamer that served the islands and Cedar Point from 1911 to 1949.

"The ship was launched at Detroit, Michigan on March 25, 1911. An eight year old youngster named William McFall Heyser broke a bottle of champagne which had been made in Sandusky over the steamer. According to an article in the March 26, 1911 issue of the Sandusky Register, there were thousands of people gathered at the Wyandotte yards of the Detroit Shipbuilding Company for the special occasion."

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Sandusky Regist...

My how things change.


Is this pic photoshopped?  That looks like the coal docks in the background.  The docks didn't look like that then.


I think  it's the original one, not edited.

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a bunch of canadian booze came across the lake in those boats during prohibition.


Can you imagine riding on the lake in THAT?  Gave a whole new meaning to "rock and roll".  

@frugalspender....oh, yes.  The Detroit Purple gang and others LOVED this place.  We were half way between Cleveland and Toledo.  The bootleggers were big on picking up in Sandusky.  The patrol boys picked up guys here all the time.  Back then the US Cutoms service was in the upstairs at the old Post Office which is now the Merry Go Round Museum.  My Granddaddy worked for them. 

I wish we had something like this now.....wouldn't it be fun??

Captain Gutz


The coal docks numbers one and two were certainly in place well before 1949, which is the latest possible year this picture was taken.

Here's a link to a pic from 1929: