FIT CHALLENGE: Ontko gears up for final 'royal' challenge

Jun 12, 2012


I had a wonderful week in Chicago.  It worked well the first part of the week with my meals and then the 2nd part was not as good. 

I was only able to exercise one day.  But where my legs meet my hip joints are still aching from all the walking and standing.  Time to start my regimen of exercising and proper diet today!

I am still shopping for new (new to me from Goodwill) clothes.  It’s always a wonderful treasure hunt to walk into the store and wonder if you will find something you want.  Sometimes it takes awhile to get what you want in the basic colors, but it sure is fun getting there!

Trevor Tieche from Bodi N Balance has planned a final challenge for the FIT contestants.  It will be next week, June 20, in the field north of NOMS. I’ll send out a reminder next week for anyone who might like to watch.  We have been asked to come in period costume from the time of King Louis the XVI of France. 

We’ll see what happens…….