New mother feels 'the slide' of depression

Jun 8, 2012


This week we check in with Blue Butterfly blogger Lindsay Deering, who is still struggling to gain control of her depression after losing one of her newborn twins earlier this year.


She writes, "When you’re clinically depressed, no amount of medication can totally prevent “the slide.” After it happens countless times, you can sense yourself falling into a dark corner of your consciousness like a slow decent into an underground cave, but you can’t turn around. You might grab at the cold, wet walls, but you eventually find yourself at the bottom, alone"

Read more from Deering by clicking HERE.


The Answer Person

What does the husband have to say about this situation?  Isn't he there for her to help with counseling through this time of grief.  hopefully she can realize that she is lucky to have the remaining twin to love and raise.  Many  husbands and wives do not have anyone.