FIT CHALLENGE: Ontko braces herself for tempting trip

Jun 5, 2012


I have gone down another size!  I can’t believe it.  The weight has been a little slow coming off the past few weeks, but I sure could feel the loss in my clothes. Four more weeks with the FIT Challenge, but I will continue after this ends.

I leave on Tuesday for my final trip of the season with my part-time job.  This comes at a not-so-good time with the ending of the six-month contest looming here shortly.  It is always harder to follow my diet when away from home.  I have done a better job with each successive trip.  Some of the meals are pre-ordered for the whole group, and this is what presents the problem for me.  If I could order separately, I know how to choose. And the days are jam-packed from early in the morning till late in the evening.  Some times I am just too exhausted to exercise. This one will be six days in Chicago.
The Register pictures today should be from my daughter Allie’s graduation party. She graduated from BGSU in May.  We were at Cameo for pizza and I was able to bring along fresh fruit for everyone to enjoy.  I ate before I went there and snacked on the fruit while visiting with friends and family. I did have one piece of pizza before I left.
Craig, Derek, and I met Friday with Brandi Barhite at the Register for pictures and interviews.  It was the first time we met there together in a while.  One or the other of us had schedule conflicts that prevented us to meet together. It was awesome to see how much weight everyone has lost.  And although I’ve never met Brandi’s husband, I love him!  When he saw the picture last week of me and the other runners before the 5K, he asked her which one was the Fit contestant!
I want to say “thank you” again to everyone that passes along their good wishes and positive comments.  You don’t know how helpful that is!  It keeps me bolstered when I might be losing confidence or focus.  When I look at the little things right before me, you have all helped me to keep my mind on the “big” picture. Thank you!


car 54

   Carla,  the path before you is now clear. This life style change has many unknown rewards down the road. Stay the course, the road widens ahead.


I want to see some pictures of your extra good looking family! HAHA! You're doing such a GREAT job Aunt Carla! Keep it up!


Thank you car 54!  And thanks to my niece Stephanie, for not having a funny/weird face in the picture!