FIT CHALLENGE: Grant juggles school, work and weight loss

Jun 5, 2012


What a great week it was, nice and cool outside! On Friday, it was good to have all of us under one roof at the Register for our monthly interview with FIT Editor Brandi Barhite. 

Fellow contestants Carla and Craig both looked amazing; see all our hard work is paying off.  Even though all three of us seem to have busy schedules, we still make time to work out, bond with family and have time for ourselves.

So I am close to being done with summer school, yeah! Just two weeks to go, and I’ll be done until fall semester in August.  It has been somewhat tough trying to manage school, work and weigh loss,; but I’m doing well with all three.   It’s been so good to see my results from losing my weight; I can honestly say I have worked hard for it.

My personal trainer Ken Cutcher of Anytime Fitness and I are still working on circuit training. It’s focusing on my whole body and working on each muscle group with two different exercises.  My body has been a little sore from the workouts, especially my legs, but I keep focused and get through the soreness.

A lot of people are still complimenting me on my weight loss, and I am proud of it.  It goes to show when you think some people are too busy to read the paper, they still find time to read it.  This past week I had to go and buy me an outfit for church on Sunday.  So, I am down to a large shirt and a 38 in the waist (I am really down to a 36, but these pants are made of different fabric). This was an amazing feeling and I felt proud to see my results of working hard.

I am still being supported by my family, friends, co-workers at Providence Care Center, the community and church family. I thank you all so much.  I am excited to get weighed in this Friday to see how close I am to my halfway mark, which is 200 pounds.