FIT CHALLENGE: Wessels gets ready for two-a-days at gym

Jun 5, 2012


It’s hard to believe that we are entering the final month of the competition.  If you remember when I decided to sign up for this, it was done on what can be best described as a whim. 

It was close to the deadline when I signed up, but I can honestly tell you I am so thankful that I did.  This has been an absolutely wonderful opportunity that was provided by the folks at the Sandusky Register and NOMS.

That being said, this past week was one of my most hectic with regards to getting my work done.  I only made it to the gym three times this week, but I have begun to push myself even harder than I have done so far.  I have been working to increase the number of reps that I’m doing with each exercise, along with trying to inch up a bit on the weight as well.  This afternoon (Monday), I maxed out the leg press machine at NOMS (390).  I’ll hopefully start moving to the free weights press later this week.

While I only made it to the gym the three times I mentioned, I did spend Sunday engaged in “full contact” gardening.  With my busy schedule, I’ve allowed quite a few weeds to commandeer my gardens.  Sunday was spent mowing, weeding, spraying, digging and planting/replanting, so while I didn’t get to NOMS, I surely did get sweaty while crossing a few things off of my “to-do list.”
We had one of our last meetings at the Sandusky Register on Friday, with Brandi Barhite, the FIT Challenge editor  It was a great time to share our successes (Carla’s recent 5K) and failures (which seem to be getting fewer).  Derek brought up a great point regarding getting new clothes.  He has a specific weight that he is going to reach before going out to put together a new wardrobe.  I think that is a wonderful goal. 

I think I have a couple of bags of old clothes in the basement that I can still dig into before I have to hit the stores.  Truth be told, as I start to get “smaller” I’ll probably be doing the same thing as Derek, as I have no problem looking as disheveled in my old ill-fitting clothes until I make some more truly significant changes.

We are in the final turn on this racetrack and I am going to do my darndest to finish strong.  School is out for me, and as Patrick Carmean (NOMS personal trainer) has told me……it is time for “two-a-days” to begin.  I’ve got to close out my classroom for the summer (hopefully done Tuesday) and after that, I’m going to become a bigger “gym rat” than I have ever been.  Again, I wish to thank everyone for their support during my endeavor.  “Persevere and get it done.” -
George Allen, Sr.


County Resident

CRAIG,   You may be in the gym more - BUT you will not be a bigger gym rat BUT a SMALLER gym rat.

Way to go man, as we have talked, its tough, but glad to see you perserve and your character shine through!


    TO: The Newspaper

    FROM: A bored reader   

     I cannot believe the Register has been devoting such a tremendous amount of space for these stories. In sports, the number of people who attend determine column inches to the event.

    DOes his waste of unpaid newspaper inches improve the quality of life for readers?

    Check with your circulation director  --- if,  since the inception of  these programs has  there been any increase in readers?

    And, giving special space to those connected with ---and paid by -- the commercial side of these weight programs, is somehing to think about.

    I do apologize to the individuals who have worked very hard in these programs. Just questioning the value Vs. the space.