FIT CHALLENGE: Ontko completes her first 5K

May 29, 2012


I did it!  And I’m going to do it again!  I ran the 5K in Bellevue on Saturday and I made it. I ran the 3.1 miles in 49 minutes and 58 seconds.  I’ve been averaging 1 mile in 14:45-15 minutes so the extra time disappointed me.

But when I went over the whole race I realized why.  When the starting sound sounded, I was totally terrified! There were people all around me going around and more were coming up and going around.  I was afraid of getting knocked down and trampled. Because of all this adrenaline, I ran much faster than I should have.  And that wore me out for later.  The weather was also very hot.
I also don’t like to lose, so all those people going past me made me wonder if it would ever finish?  And would I be the last one to come in?  I wasn’t.  But I was very emotional the whole race.
I talked to my sister after the race and she said she felt the same way when she ran her first (probably one and only) 5K.  She couldn’t explain it either.  But she said no one else had tears in their eyes. Can anyone explain this to me?
Jacob Mohr, Bodi N Balance employee and 2011 FIT Challenge winner, stayed with me the whole way, prodding me on and feeding me positive comments.  The one comment that helped the most was, “Five months ago you couldn’t even run; just look where you are today; some people train much longer for a 5K and here you are doing it!”
Thanks to Jacob and Trevor and Joyce from Bodi N Balance for all the positive comments!  It really helps.  And thank you to the ladies who passed me, turned around, and said they read my blog every week, keep up the good work! You are all so awesome!  I’ve heard there are races throughout the summer.  I will be looking in to where they are because I will be doing this again.  I like running!
And then I drove to Bowling Green, got a speeding ticket and helped my daughter move back to Huron. 

What a day!


car 54

   Carla, I almost walked into you at a local store. Keep up the effort !


Thanks! Next time say "hi" as you run into me!