Annual bird migration continues to turn up rarities

May 23, 2012


A few rare birds have turned up in the Ottawa County parks and reserves during this year's migration season. Kenn Kaufman's Magee Marsh birding blog names a few.

He writes, "A Least Tern was found by Sherrie Duris at Maumee Bay State Park on the 16th; it has been spending its time mostly along the Lake Erie beach.  This weekend, the beach is likely to be crowded with people, so it would be best to look for this bird first thing in the morning... Three White-faced Ibises were found at Metzger Marsh on the 16th, seen from the second pulloff past the major turn on the way in.  These birds flew away in the direction of Ottawa NWR late on Wednesday, but reappeared at Metzger on Thursday."

Read more about his tips and finds HERE.