FIT CHALLENGE: Grant eyes 60-pound weight loss

May 22, 2012


I finished out with a good week.  I was weighed and measured on Friday and the hard work and determination are paying off.  I lost 2 pounds and several inches since my last weigh-in three weeks ago.

Now that I am back in school for the summer session, my week has been a little busy; however, I manage to make time for everything, so that my schedule will be at ease.  As we speak I am trying to obtain my Associate of Science Degree then eventually sign up for LPN school.  I just need to keep pushing myself harder and staying focused. I know as long as I do that I will have that degree in no time.

I cannot believe the FIT Challenge is almost coming to an end. I have a lot of extra pushing to do so I can get very close to my 60-pound weight-loss mark.  I am so ready to push it to the limit, so I can be even more proud of myself. So I have decided for the following weeks ahead I will continue to my diet plan, but spend extra time in the gym.

So after all of my supporters and thinking to myself, I have decided I will start buying some new clothes once I get to 200 pounds. That means I only have 20 pounds to lose to get to my 60-pound weight-loss goal, and I will be weighing 180 pounds total.

I am now getting through my workouts with more speed and endurance. Thanks to my Anytime Fitness personal trainer Ken for pushing me when he sees that I am wanting to give up, which I never do because I love to finish a workout strong!  I am working on my running with a 5K running plan that Ken found for me so I can be ready for the 5K I plan on running sometime soon.
Carla and Craig, we’re almost finished, but we must keep going to reach our individual weight0loss goals.  I am continuing to get pouring love and support from my family, friends, co-works, teachers, church family, the community, and my residents and their families. Thank you all so much!