FIT CHALLENGE: Wessels is never, never, never giving up

May 22, 2012


This past week was yet another week in which I feel as though I worked very hard, but haven’t seen the results I’d been hoping to achieve. 

I don’t want to say that I’m frustrated, but I sure thought I’d seen the horizon of this plateau that I’m on, but I guess not as of yet.  Oh well…..onward, and downward.  :)

My mother-in-law visited this week, and she made one of her specialties, Swedish meatballs.  I’ve had lots of ample opportunities over the years to enjoy these, and I made a conscious decision to reminisce about the times I’ve had them in the past.    

Instead, I headed out to my backyard and cut my first batch of lettuces from my garden.  I ended up cutting more than I thought I did, but what the heck…it’s lettuce, and that is something I can eat as much of as I want.  This was also my first opportunity to use our “salad spinner.”  I spun the heck out of that lettuce, but I’m sure I missed a couple of the “helicopters” that had fallen from the maple tree on the other side of the yard.  I cut up about half of a chicken breast and sprinkled a bit of grated Parmesan on top.  It was absolutely delicious.

I did get to the gym five days, spending two days working with Patrick Carmean, NOMS fitness trainer.  These were the first two days that we really began to push myself after my problems with my leg.  It was good to get pushed a bit.  I spent one day on the bike, moving at a pace that was almost as fast as I was riding prior to hurting my hamstring.  17 miles in 49 minutes….not too fast, but I’m starting to gain a bit more confidence in my hamstring.

On two of the days, I lifted weights, incorporating my legs back into my exercises.  I must admit, it felt good to get back to doing leg presses and hitting the stairs at NOMS.  I finished each of those days with 10 trips up and down the stairs, the first day with two 25-pound plates, and the second day with two 35-pound plates.  It was a hard way to finish my workouts, but I am determined to get myself going back in the right direction.
Sunday morning, Patrick suggested that I back off from using the bike that I’ve grown attached to, and begin to get back to using the treadmill or the track upstairs.  He’s thinking that my body might have become too accustomed to the bike, and that I need to mix things up a bit.  It’s going to be a big change of pace for me, but I am going to follow Winston Churchill’s advice.  “Never, never, never, never give up.”