The FIT Challenge: Part III

Angela Wilhelm
May 10, 2012


Our FIT Challengers competed in their third challenge, this time at NOMS.



Impressive Accomplishment!....So I Thought?....Rags to Riches!

Got my act together finally after a couple bad years after a divorce including homelessness in Sandusky for well over a year. .I did rehab and was ready to make next step. Was a couple months of very hard work to get an outstanding  long term employment opportunity. I told all who needed to know in CSEA (Child Support). After 30 days, I made a full monthly payment to child support.. I loved the job (took home over 1600 dollars a week)  and SOOO happy to be able to help the most important people in the world to me- ex and my son. A couple more weeks in and I was was happy. I was 10 months removed from living in the woods and was taking home over 1600 dollars a week.  I got sober and it fell into place there after. Pretty damn impressive. So I thought. No more sleeping in graveyards or woods or under boats in storage. I had a random call by CSEA to verify that I was still at same address and still working. I had made full payment so figured it was just administrative in purpose. The next week a cop car pulls up to my residence and takes me custody. Drive me 100 miles to Erie County jail. NOBODY seems to know why.I sat for a week and nothing was happening so retained a lawyer who spoke to the Judge that same day and I was released on an "OR" aka no bond indicating I was not a flight threat. OK, why was I picked up? Why did I sit there for 8 days which cost me my job, Spoke with everyone involved and bullet points on the things over my head before a hearing in June. Including they did not know where I lived, I am unemployed, behind on payments and not making a dent in restitution. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE? Knew I was working, sober, no contact with the law....have me arrested and still not perfectly clear why. Lose a job making great money and being held over my head....Seems like someone wanted to introduce me to the plan she runs funded by the state relating to rehabing people who are suffering. I was read the program and super nice people but this still makes NO SENSE. When I inquired last time we spoke why the hell did this happen?  The person told me "to just focus on from this point->on."....OK, so you will not hold this crap over my head? Things that were the fault of CSEA? can't say that is the case. WOW....ok.....Cost me 2 jobs....recoverable on second one well over 100k annual...IF Erie County has the "turn around" by ONE person ever that I pulled off, they should gets Nobel Peace considerations. ANY PERSON HAVE ANY RATIONALE FOR THIS?