FIT CHALLENGE: 'I couldn't believe I was actually running'

May 8, 2012


This past week has been great! A lot of my supporters were very proud to see me in last Tuesday’s Register preparing the turkey meatloaf meal; they were telling me, “Derek we can tell you’re serious about losing that weight," and "I said I am and I’m going to keep it off!”  Now people are asking me for my recipe; I just tell them it’s just like making regular meatloaf, but instead of using ground beef, just use ground turkey.

Last week,  I won my first FIT Challenge.  It felt so good; I was just pleased to know that all my hard work and dedication paid off. I couldn’t believe I was actually running.  During the past challenges I came in last and after those I told myself I would just like to win one FIT Challenge before the FIT Challenge is finished! Carla and Craig did very well also; I was pleased and happy to see how they have progressed since we last seen each other.

Also on last Friday, I was getting dressed for my mother’s graduation ceremony from BGSU Firelands and I put on a 2XL shirt with some blue jeans and it went past my knees. Boy was this like, "Wow, I have definitely lost weight.  This look like a dress on me!” All I could do was laugh and smile.  My mother earned her Associate of Applied Science in Early Childhood Education last Friday.

The workouts are becoming a little easier and with the help of my personal trainer Ken Cutcher of Anytime Fitness and my determination I get them done.  Ken and I are still working on circuit training, but this time it’s focusing on my whole body and ending it with conditioning, which keeps the heart rate up and makes me break a nice sweat. .  I am sore after working out, but with stretching and a nice paced walk around the gym, I’m feeling cooled down.

I have so much support from my family, friends, co-workers at Providence Care Center, instructors from BGSU Firelands, grade school teachers, my New Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church family, members of the community, even my past and present residents I have took care of at Providence Care Center and their families.  Thank You!!!! Carla and Craig keep up the good work and I wish you two the best.