FIT CHALLENGE: Ontko indulges in Mexican in a moment of weakness

May 9, 2012


It’s time to add more exercising to my schedule.  Sunday I did Indo rowing and then ran 2 miles. I did good with food all week until Saturday.

I wanted to have some Mexican food from Cinco de Mayo. I couldn’t find anyone to go with me all day. 

Everyone had something to do.  So I finally went by myself at 10:30 at night.  And the lateness of eating did in my 2-pound loss for the week.

And the lateness of eating prevented me from losing weight this past week. I was just feeling sorry for myself and sad. 

We had the 3rd challenge at NOMS on Wednesday.  I came in third. It was a long sprint four times back and forth.  We also had to pick up weights each time; 10, 12, 15, and finally the 20-pound weight.

Derek came in at 1:05, Craig at 1:10 and me at 1:39.  19 seconds longer.  Trevor said that guys have stronger muscles for running sprints.  I could probably do well in long distance, but not this.  This is a question I have been wondering about.  Why was this challenge added this year with no compensation for female challengers.  In golf, running, and other things, women start at a different spot.  But why not this?  I’m very disappointed.