FIT CHALLENGE: Ontko gains weight on her weekend trips

Apr 24, 2012


Thanks to my personal trainer Trevor Tieche of Bodi N Balance! You were so kind and supportive of me in today’s paper.  I gained 1 ½ pounds since my last weigh-in.  I know he wasn’t expecting that.  But I knew how much I had gained in my last two trips as a tour guide.

The first one to Nashville wasn’t so bad, but my first trip to Chicago for the season was a little harder.  I’m happy I was down to just a 1 ½ lb. weight gain because I gained more than that.  But I was working really hard to catch up.

It disappoints me because not only did I gain that, but I am behind in what I should have lost. 

The good thing is that I’ve lost 2 pounds since that weigh-in.  The harder thing is that I’m going to Chicago again this weekend… But I’ve talked about my eating plan with Trevor and I have some new things I will be trying for this trip.  Wish me luck!

On Friday Trevor took me to the Castalia Quarry with one of his favorite tools – this big telephone pole log. Jacob Mohr hated the “log.”  I don’t hate it, but I’m thinking Trevor might be a little more lenient on me.

When Trevor called he said to be prepared to get dirty.  That kind of scared me.  Heading in to the quarry he asked when the last time I played in the mud was.  My answer was never!  Then I had to qualify that with “since I was a kid.”  That was his point. He wanted me to go out and get down and dirty and just have fun.

It was hard work doing all that comes with the “log” but whenever those pictures get published you will probably see me smiling and laughing more than looking grim. The bad rain and thunderstorm was looming close by, too.  Trevor was disappointed it hadn’t already rained because it would have been really muddy. Register photographer Jason Werling was with us for pictures and did some running too.

I think doing pushups on the log in the water was the most unbelievable for me. I’m a 57-year-old woman.  I haven’t just run and played in a long time.  That too is what Trevor is trying to establish for me.  To not just exercise, diet and lose weight; but to come to enjoy what I’m doing in the fitness realm.

I have to say that is happening.  I ran Monday night for almost 2 miles without stopping.  I was able to carry on a conversation with Trevor the whole time.  I think I could have gone longer.  I’m working up to run in the Jon Martin 5-K run in Bellevue on May 26.  Any one who would like to join me can go to and get the details to sign up. This will be my first 5K and I grew up in Bellevue, so I’m looking forward to accomplishing this goal.

Have a great week everyone!


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   Keep up the good work Carla!  One step at a time, never get 5 steps ahead of your body.


Thank you "dig this says"!