FIT CHALLENGE: Wessels pulls hamstring, commits to 'overcome'

Apr 24, 2012


Another week is in the books, and I must admit, it did NOT end the way I had hoped it would, .but more on that later. 

I did get to the gym five days this past week, and I think it was a pretty productive week.  I spent two of the days lifting and two of the days on the bike, knocking out a little more than 30 miles.  I also spent part of each of the bike days doing my own little circuit training.  Everything went well, and I felt as though it was a productive week.

For awhile, my personal trainer Patrick Carmean of NOMS had been telling me that there would be a time in which I would probably “plateau,” meaning it would be difficult for the weight to come off easily.  Well, since my last weigh-in, I was very sure of the fact that I had in fact hit that plateau.

On Friday, however, I finally busted through that plateau, moving down another 1.4 pounds.  I was ecstatic, as I felt that my success that had been going along so well was back on track.  It wasn’t that I wasn’t working hard, I just couldn’t get the right beads of sweat to drop.

Saturday was spent in the cold and wind of Lorain at a baseball game, and I think it might have had something to do with the problems that arose on Sunday afternoon.  On Sunday, I was working with Patrick, and after I had stretched (or so I thought) and done some of my circuit training work, he took me upstairs for my weekly ritual of sprints.  I’ve been sprinting the straightaways and jogging the curves for the last month or so, so I’ve been getting pretty accustomed to what was expected of me.

I was moving at a pretty good clip with the first two sprints, and I tried to go even faster (relatively speaking) on the third one, and that’s when it happened.  My left hamstring (right above the knee) popped.  I stopped immediately.  “Crap, now what am I going to do?”  Well, I shut it down, and I’m now in full  “R-I-C-E” mode. 

I did get back to NOMS today, and I worked on gently stretching my leg.  I then did some walking (rather gingerly), followed by doing my upper body lifting.  (I have a feeling I’ll be doing quite a bit of that in the very immediate future.  While I’m not eating his cookies during this competition (and not for the foreseeable future either), I close with this quote from Wally Amos….. “Nothing is an obstacle unless you say it is.”  My hamstring is a setback, but I’m going to refuse to call it an obstacle.  I WILL overcome this.


Truth or Dare

Hey Mr. Wessels:   ICE, ICE, ICE!  You're doing so well, and really,  I don't believe there is any "challenge" you couldn't meet!    Don't push it.  As for the obstacle, well the older we get,  sometimes those things just POP up/out  when least expected.  Change your navigation just a bit, and it'll see you around that obstacle!  

Keep up the good work "Coach".  We're all rootin for ya!