BLOG: Soon to be GOP nominee still out of reach

Emil Whitis
Apr 18, 2012


Mitt Romney’s political machine is still impenetrable, still silent.

It is, at least, if you’re sitting in Sandusky.

So far, I cannot uncover the magical paths that lead to human contact with Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney.   

Even his website dead ends at an email interface.

It’s been roughly three months since I first reached out to the Romney’s camp via the Internet. Apparently, there’s nobody behind that wall, reaching back to small-town reporters named Emil.

With no response, on Monday I tossed out another Hail Mary.

“Your submission has been received by Romney for President,” came an automatic response to an email I submitted. “Thank you for your interest.”

My conviction that Romney’s campaign has no time for poor journalists grows with each of my fruitless endeavors. 

I have yet to hear from a live person wearing a “Romney for President” pin.  

I realize there are more than just a few people who would like to meet with Mitt, but that’s not necessarily the only thing I’d settle for at this point.

If Mitt’s volunteer picked up the phone, I’d be happy.

If I could talk to his Ohio headquarters press secretary, I’d be elated.

If his spokesperson calls me, I’d be shocked.

That said, it’s a shame challenger Rick Santorum checked out of the nomination race.

I had invested a lot of time getting a hold of him, and I was actually excited to interview him.

Not that I agree with Santorum’s politics — or his seeming inability to separate religion from politics — but at least I got a chance to talk to his Ohio representative.

That was something. 

Each presidential election year the Register chooses two reporters to keep tabs on the national candidates and attempt to reel them in for a visit to our fine Northern Ohio home. This year reporter Andy Ouriel is following President Barack Obama's re-election campaign while reporter Emil Whitis gives his attention to the GOP race and probable candidate Mitt Romney. They update readers regularly on their progress in a series we call "Chasing the President."


November India Golf

this reporter has trouble finding the magical path to the restroom... what is the point of this dribble laden article... it sure ain't journalism.


The fact is that this area would vote democrat even if the candidate was DEAD!!! Why should Romney waste his time?  Tell me Emil, has Pres. Obama called you back for an interview? No? I didn't think so.


Sandusky doesn`t matter to any of them. Just like the rest of them, Romney is all about the money and how much he can make. None of them can or will make any money of this area so we don`t matter to any of them.

Darwin's choice

Just follow the SIGNS Emil..........

The Big Dog's back

 You right wingers are just one lottery ticket away from joining the millionaire boy's club. In the mean time, when you die, they will have to take up a collection to bury you. Keep on giving your money to the rich in hopes they will p!@& some back on you.


Who are you referring to Brutus? I have plenty of money to bury myself. Heck, even have my funeral pre-paid.

You Libtards are the ones who count on somebody else to pay all their expenses, even their burial. Just tax someone else enough to pay for it is how you bottom feeders think.


 "Keep on giving your money to the rich in hopes they will p!@& some back on you."

LOL!! The gov keeps stealing our money to hand to its friends Goldman Sach's and JP Morgan (Not to mention their "Green" friends) Its the left with their never ending "Tax and spend" thats "Giving" money away. Read a book somtime its helpful.


Perhaps you should try contacting Ron Paul's campaign? I'm sure they'd be happy to speak to you :)

Erie Countian

Oh good grief, do you think EITHER candidate has time to get back to every two-bit reporter or small town newspaper that comes calling?! They go for much bigger fish in much bigger ponds. Plus, I think those who are truly interested in this are perfectly capable of learning how each candidate's political stance will ultimately affect our region without the help of the Sandusky Register, which has NEVER been known for its stellar reporting on national or world events. You legends-in-your-own minds down there on Market St. need to get over yourselves.


thats funny bigdog...not.  if obumbles continues his pilfering of the cofers no one will be able to afford anything and we will be tossed in landfills. 


oh yeah, one more thing.  obviously, this commercial was made prior to obumbles releasing his tax records.  i had a good laugh when the commercial ran slamming romney for his tax rate, i believe 18%, when obumbles effective tax rate was only 20%!!  lmao.  hmmm, would i rather have 18% of $20mil or 20% of $750,000???  i know you libitards would take the 20% option but i am definately going with the 18% option.



Actually it is 13.9% not 18.  If you want to pay more do so!   If you guys think Romney is going to help you in any way you are not very smart or you must be part of the 1%.  NOT!  I would like to know why the dislike for the President.  It can't be his race because you guys are not racist.  It can't be the tax cut that All Americans received.  It can't be because he ended the Iraq war.  Is it because he wants all of us to have healthcare?  Is it because he saved the economy, GM, supports equal pay for know like your wife, daughter or sister?  Is it because he gave the okay to kill bin Laden?  This guy has done more good for this country in three years than the last guy did in eight.    He restored American pride around the world.  He defends America's interest in countries we are not even at war with.  He has put a serious hurting on Al Qaeda.  He's created millions of jobs that were lost by the last guy.  He's far more intelligent than most and he represents the American people very well.

Now I know he was suppose to storm your homes and take all your guns but that didn't happen.   I don't see that as a reason.  He hasn't taken any of your millions and gave them to some woman sitting on welfare!  Oil production is at it's highest in years.  He took care of that disaster in the Gulf very well.  

Romney is very good at making money.........for himself.  Changes his mind alot.  Has no clue how to handle foreign poicy.  The guy is a snake oil salesman!

Pay attention.  President Obama has served this country well regardless of the relentless opposition he has faced. Sometimes the GOP guys just are not the smartest guys in the room.  Oh well!     


That is some VERY strong Kool-Aid you have been drinking

Put the glass (or jug) down, close the MediaMatters Tab on your web browser, and take a walk outside.

By the way, what percentage of your pay did you contribute to the Federal Government? Not including Medicare, Social Security, or any state or local taxes? Mine was ~14%.

And if you are a government employee, please note that your entire pay is a negative percentage paid on any taxes as you are a tax consumer, not a tax payer


Too much whiskey in your coffee?  No medicare, medicaid, foodstamps, or any other kind of gov't assistance.I work everyday but the weekends and so does my wife and we have since we were teens.  The theory that most people don't pay taxes is bogus.  Lots of people do not pay INCOME taxes.....I do.....if you buy deodorant you pay taxes.  If you buy gas, alcohol, cigarettes, own your home, or all kinds of other purchases you pay taxes.  Some of you on here have absolutely NO clue!  Sad!


Please state your FEDERAL taxes paid as a percentage of your income?

Yesterday was Tax Day, so those numbers should be handy I would think.

Sales Tax, State Income Tax, Local Income Tax, Medicare, and Social Security do not fund the Federal Government.

6079 Smith W

@ Mr. Whitis:

Contact Gary Johnson, the possible Libertarian Party candidate. IMO, he needs all the press he can get and you may politically learn a thing or two.



It funds your loal government!  I don't know my tax rate and I don't care because I can't change it.  It is what it is. 


Funding local government is fine. But do you not use services provided by the Federal government?

You seemed very critical of Romney's tax rate. Were you also critical of Obama's?


deerman (rainman's son?)

some answer for you regarding your earlier post:

-13.9% on $20mil is what i will take which equals roughly $2.8 million in taxes paid.

-the tax breaks are good? really?  all this has accomplished is the accelerated defunding of social security.  you think that's good?  if so you are stu-pid.

-ended irqa war but has quadrupled the afghan spending.  wouldn't brag to much about that.

-saved the economy?  more home foreclosures.  less small business start-ups.  higher unemployment rate.  gm still owes $50 billion to the fed gov't plus by stripping over half of it's retirees of pension benefits the retirees were plugged into a retirement system that did not receive any monies for their benefits.  on top of that fed tax dollars went to fiat via chrysler.

-millions of jobs?  there are less workers today than when bush was in office.

-obumbles has accelerated entitlement programs to unheard of levels!  welfare has almost doubled since obumbles was elected.  obumbles free phone, affluent, has cost tax payers over $1.5 billion in the last 3 years.  matter of fact obumbles has enslaved people in the entitlement generation.

no, deerman, obumbles has not been kind to america.

November India Golf

I's pays all i can... which is nuttin'  ha ha



My how we forget about Georgie's failed terms.  Get a clue!  The MESS he left takes more than 3 years to clean up. 

If you want to live like a Democratic!


So you are resorting to the blame game again huh? Since Obie cannot run on a record of doing anything to help this country, the blame game and race card are the only things left for him to run on.

During a July 14, 2009, address in Warren, Mich., Obama said, “Now, my administration has a job to do, as well, and that job is to get this economy back on its feet. That's my job. And it’s a job I gladly accept. I love these folks who helped get us in this mess and then suddenly say, ‘Well, this is Obama’s economy.’ That’s fine. Give it to me. My job is to solve problems, not to stand on the sidelines and carp and gripe.”

He has done nothing but "carp and gripe"

And the Kool-Aid drinkers of this country just keep chugging it down!

origen Read the pop up, Some sees the writing on the wall. Or click the personal letter from the CEO.

Erie County Resident

Hey Emo... Did you ever think that they checked out the Beavis & B%tthead show and want absolutely nothing to do with dip stick journalism?


@ Leroy Jackson... the word is "drivel".  Dribble is what you get on your keyboard while cutting/pasting rants from Fox Nation.   You're in good company though; lots of frenzied ultra-conservatives commenting on this article.

Not to worry, fellow Americans. We survived Bush/Cheney. You will certainly survive Obama/Biden (as a matter of fact, you'll get to do it for another 4 years).



"Not to worry, fellow Americans. We survived Bush/Cheney. You will certainly survive Obama/Biden (as a matter of fact, you'll get to do it for another 4 years)."

Really? Another one that cannot do any math, If he gets reelected expect the alternative fiscal scenario because they cannot count either. One other thing, can you name which policy he is running on? All i hear is excuses and blaming from the admin and no real policys for the future except "Its the republicans" whats the vision for the future, Everyone on food stamps or just plain bribing to keep his vacationing schedule open for the next 4 years?