FIT CHALLENGE: Grant faces temptation and wins

Apr 17, 2012


What a great week it was and a busy one at that!  So I met face-to-face with temptation again.  I had a wedding reception on Saturday and then a birthday party on Sunday; the food was looking real good. 

So at the wedding I had small portions of veggies, meat and a nice sized salad and a little piece of cake.  While at the birthday party I had some meat, a real small amount of chips and a small piece of cake. Oh don’t let me forget I drank plenty of water while at theses functioning’s. Yes! I fought temptation again.

The workouts are getting tough, but I get through them by going in the gym focused and getting it done and over with.  My personal trainer Ken Cutcher of Anytime Fitness and I have been working on circuit style training that focuses on my arms, legs, back and stomach.  At times I get sore from this, but I just walk it off and stretch out, which usually loosens up the soreness.  

A lot of people young and old have been asking how I get through the dieting and exercising; I tell them with the extended support and my dedication I am doing it and I am going to go all the way. If I have not waited too late, I plan on walking for March of Dimes this summer. I have someone trying to find out the information for me.

It feel so good being able to get in a few of my new outfits, I had from a few years ago. They were brand new and I decide to try them on; it was a good feeling being able to zip up the pants. I have been getting a lot of compliments lately, and that has made me feel so great. I plan to reach my goal, and I plan on keeping my eating patterns and doing my exercise to keep the weight off.  

Sunday I went to church and as soon as I walked in, I was getting compliments left and right. Carla and Craig keep up the good work.  Thanks to my family, friends, community and co-workers for continuing to support me.



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