FIT CHALLENGE: Ontko feels 'flabby'

Apr 17, 2012


That was a fast week! I exercised April 9 and now it’s Monday again and I haven’t exercised again until tonight. 

There just wasn’t time.  I guess I will just pick myself up and start all over tonight. It’s funny how you can feel so flabby in just a week!

It sure does help when people out in the world comment positively about the weight loss. I will run in to people I haven’t seen in a long time and they will tell me they have been reading about the contest and cheering me on.  It helps for days like today when I feel like eating something I shouldn’t because I didn’t have a very good week.  So when I pass on that temptation I can tell myself I started this week off really well!

Thanks for the support! It really helps.



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