Live coverage of president Barack Obama's visit to Elyria

Andy Ouriel
Apr 19, 2012


President Barack Obama visited Lorain County Community College on Wednesday afternoon to talk about jobs and the economy.

Click on the player below to review our live coverage of the event.

Chasing the President


Erie County Resident

Presidential visit my butt... As always a campaign stop for more fund raising and organizing.


who cares

Eph 2 8-10

I wonder if the SR will cover Romney tomorrow......I won't hold my breath.....



Eph 2 8-10,

Now why on earth would the Register bother covering a visit to the area by the presumptive Republican presidential candidate? You did see the word "Republican" in the preceding sentence, didn't you?

I found it more than a little ironic that one of the Register's "bloggers" wrote a whole column on how reporting shouldn't be biased, and yet merely by failing to cover certain news the Register's bias is flying high and proud. From the local to the national, the simple fact that the majority in the media happen to be liberal Democrats means that the simple facts of the news are ignored, hidden, ridiculed, or even perverted to fit in with a given reporter's own worldview. The Register is sadly no exception to this trend.

I'm not condemning liberal Democrat reporters any more than I would chastise conservative Republican reporters. The problem is that I can easily TELL which is which! I wouldn't be able to do so if an outlet and a reporter actually upheld ethical journalism standards.

"News"papers and the television "news" programs are more "opinion"papers and "propaganda" programs today. And the fallout, aside from a largely ignorant electorate (you have to WORK these days to actually get both sides of a political story!), is an epidemic of corrupt politics. If the "fourth estate" did its job, politicians would be forced to do theirs. It isn't, and they're not.

As for Obama? This supposedly wasn't a "campaign" stop. But when has that man ever NOT campaigned? And I don't blame him. It's pretty much the only thing he's competent at!

The Big Dog's back

 Good points Coasterfan. sam, are you off your meds again?

Pterocarya frax...

If the main stream media was as biased as SamAdams and most others would have us believe, they would have forced such a public outcry that investigations would have been demanded and Bush, Cheney, and John Yoo would be in prison right now.

Pterocarya frax...

I probably should have mentioned Ashcroft and a few others as well.


Sam: Funny, we Democrats don't think that mainstream media is overrun with liberalism.  About 95% of talk radio of a political nature is conservative/anti-liberal. Isn't radio, especially with nationally syndicated shows like Rush, Hannity and Beck, considered mainstream media? They're always boasting about their millions of listeners, so it would certainly seem to qualify on that basis.

Left-leaning newspapers probably outnumber right-leaning ones, but there are huge and obvious examples of conservative papers (Wall St. Journal, Washington Post, and in Ohio, the Columbus Dispatch). In addition, left-leaning papers like the Toledo Blade do regularly print columns by right-wingers like Will and Krauthammer (which is more than you can say for the Fairly Unbalanced Fox News Network).

I think the answer is this: if you believe that the Register has different priorities than you (i.e you're a conservative and you think they lean the other way), then read another newspaper. I don't watch Fox because the extreme one-sidedness marketed as "fair and balanced" makes my blood boil, and watch CNN instead.


@ Sam , I seemed to remember the Register covering the McCain visit .


Funny they dont seem to be covering one canidate. Seems that one canidate doesnt have almost the same policys of bama or romney, weird huh? (the media showed its true colors in 89 seconds)

Marcus M

libreal media, how about the wackos at MSNBC, better known as MSPMS, or CNN. ABC, NBC, or CBS. Talk radio is dominated by conservative talk, why because the majority of listeners are either working or going to or from work, liberal radio like Air America failed.  Big mut fell off your golf cart again?


I was watching Fox news the other day . I had accidentally mistaken it for the Syfy channel ; ))))