FIT CHALLENGE: Grant aims for 180 by July

Apr 10, 2012


(UPDATED with Video)

Wow, I made it through Easter holiday. I am very proud of myself, because I did not let temptation win. I followed my diet exactly how I was supposed to. It was a challenge, but I stood my ground and refused to eat all of what my family had for Easter dinner.

I made sure I had small portions of some of the vegetables, and I did not even eat any ham. I worked out three times at the gym, and I worked out three days at home.

One of the days I worked out at the gym, my personal trainer Ken Cutcher took me outside right in front of the gym, when I stepped outside it was chilly; but as we started going my body warmed up and I did not even have the weather on my mind. I really worked up a sweat, because I have been jogging on the treadmill. I have my supporters who are making sure I follow through on what I need to be doing to lose this weight. I am starting to feel good about myself once again.

I have people giving me compliments all the time now because they say they have noticed a difference in my weight. My weeks are all work and no play. I had an important project due at school, and I had to work on Easter. So, this was a very busy weekend for me this past week.

I am looking forward to getting down to the size I want to be before I go to Florida in July. I am going to continue staying focused and do what needs to be done, because this is a blessing to me to be able to be in the FIT Challenge. I am not going to let myself down or my supporters down.

In this Tuesday’s Register you will see that I did not lose or gain any weight.  But I did lose some inches.  So my goal for next weigh-in is to be done lost some weight and inches off my body.  Then, hopefully I will be to my goal weight of 180 pounds.



Way to go Derek!  Keep up the great work. You are awesome!