BLOG: Reporter goes old school in trying to rope interview with president

Andy Ouriel
Apr 4, 2012


There’s something about the nostalgia of hand-written letters that shows an author is sincere about the message.

From carefully selecting the right stationery on which to scribble a short message, right down to dampening the envelope’s seal with a moist tongue, a person places a great deal of time and consideration when sending a letter.

I’m a young adult who often depends on a carrier to deliver an important message.

I frequently send family members birthday cards, and I have even mailed poems — loosely based on my favorite poet, Robinson Jeffers — to my sister for a class project.

Because of my effort in mailing letters, I know the value of receiving a hand-written note, as opposed to getting a simple phone call, text message or email.

So why not take a method my family enjoys and employ it to arguably the free world’s most important person?

I’m still entrenched in my mission to track down President Barack Obama and entice him to visit Sandusky.

I want  a conversation with the commander-in-chief, coupled with the 44th president speaking to area residents somewhere in downtown Sandusky.

I recently spoke to Warren resident Elaine Price, co-chairperson of the president’s re-election campaign in Ohio. Her counterpart is former Gov. Ted Strickland.

Price organized an election campaign for Obama in 2008, concentrating mainly on registering voters and informing people about the pressing issues.

Today, Price and Strickland act as ambassadors in their mission to convince voters that the 44th president deserves another four-year term in the White House.

“We are trying to concentrate on informing people on the positive things the president has done,” Price said, referring to Obama’s platforms to rejuvenate the American auto industry and supporting the military.

When learning of my quest, Price offered advice I’m all too familiar with.

“I would write him a letter,” Price said. “Amazingly enough, with all that he has to do, he does sit down to read certain letters.”

But how should I write my letter?

How much do I tell the president about myself? About Sandusky? About the issues the residents in this region are concerned about?

Whatever I decide, I need passionate words and I need my spirit to show.

“It’s not the type of letter you write, but the sincerity of your concerns for your community is what he looks for,” Price said.

Price informed me of a couple names on Obama’s main campaign office, headquartered in Chicago. I plan on sending them letters.

But now I’m prepping to send Obama the most important letter of my life.

Let’s hope the stamp stays sealed and the note reaches its final destination: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

It should be lined or ruled notebook paper. Even with the hundreds of birthday cards I’ve sent, my writing still slants downward the further right I write.

No matter what paper I select, the message must be powerful.

“Why does your area deserve a visit from the president?” Price said.

Help write the letter 

What issues are the most pressing to this area — the ones President Barack Obama would care about? Let reporter Andy Ouriel know so he can possibly include your concerns in a letter he plans to mail in the coming days. To contact Ouriel:  
phone: 419-609-5827
mail: Sandusky Register; attn: Andy Ouriel; 314 W. Market St; Sandusky, OH 44870


Phil Packer


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does the writer get a paycheck for this dribble ? why would anybody buy this paper ?


Leroy you mean drivel right?     pdb.


You know, if this were at all amusing, I'd think it was just a joke... On the other hand, it pretty much IS just a joke, isn't it?


"I’m still entrenched in my mission to track down President Barack Obama and entice him to visit Sandusky." looks to me like the reporter will be voting obama. why would obama want to come to sandusky? obama is already very confident that he will win. and he will win against romney and sanitarium. ask ron paul and gary johnson to come to sandusky.


Look, you are going about this the WRONG way.....tell him that Romney is coming in to see the Kalahari center and looking at the economic progress of the area.....and the possible expansion of Sandusky.  Great lakes stuf....yadda , yadda....etc.  Photo opps.....the works. 

If that doesn't get him here.....nothing will.  Tell him CNN, CBS, NBC is doing coverage.  (Then tell them about it) 

See what happens. 

Oh, and get some of the NON LAMESTREAM for the non lamestreamers on here....people like Rush Limbaugh, etc.  Offer him a pass or something to Kalahari.


Then see who shows up. 


"If that doesn't get him here.....nothing will. Tell him CNN, CBS, NBC is doing coverage. (Then tell them about it) "     also tell obama that there are lots of golf courses in the area.