FIT CHALLENGE: Ontko starts her seasonal job

Apr 3, 2012


Saturday at 10 a.m. at Bodi N Balance will be the “Hibernation Termination” event. It’s meant to get us up and moving after the long winter. 

There will be three-20 minute classes: core, BOSU and cardio-kickboxing. Trevor Tieche, Derek Nimrichter, and Jacob Mohr will be the trainers.  If you are not a member it’s $5 to take the class.  See you there!

Now, about my week.  It was very good.  I’m following my diet and exercising more now that I am in better shape.  I work seasonally as a tour guide for Brightspark Travel.  This is a student travel company.  I flew to Nashville on Thursday and traveled the routes the group would be taking and stopped at all the venues.  This makes for no surprises once they arrive and get started with their wonderful trip. 

I then coordinate everything for the rest of the trip, pay the bills and make changes as the tour leader requests them.  This allows the tour leader to spend time with his kids and not worry about the traveling. It makes for wonderful memories for them. I was meeting Amherst Steele’s High School Choir.  This is the first group that was close to home for me.  Most of them are from states farther away. 

At the end of Thursday I received a call from my company that several events had to be switched around because Earl Scruggs died.  That made no sense to me until I found out that his funeral was being hosted in the Ryman Auditorium the same time my groups tour was scheduled.  Everyone was so accommodating with helping us to make the changes. And while touring the Ryman, the museum manager thanked us for changing our time to visit on Sunday.  We got to talking and next thing I knew I had the OK to allow them to sing on stage!  What a memory of a lifetime.  They sang for 20 minutes and had a rather nice crowd listening by the time they finished.

It’s harder to follow my diet on a trip like this. Meals on my own I choose wisely but some of the meals are pre-ordered and that’s where I’m eating. The Cock on the Walk had fried catfish, shrimp and chicken.  So I ate my salad and had 2 pieces of chicken and passed on the french fries and dessert.  I was only able to exercise two of the four days. The other two days were jam-packed from 8 a.m. to midnight.  And then I had to meet with the security guard at the hotel and show him what rooms were ours and explain what he needed to do for us.

So, exercising with Trevor last night was a little harder with two days off and because I had been walking for two days straight and my whole body hurt! But I’m glad to be back and in my routine for eating and exercising!  Have a blessed Easter everyone!


VTX Rider

 Keep  it up!!


Thank you!