FIT CHALLENGE: Wessels feels like a disappointment

Apr 3, 2012


On the surface, this past week should have been a wonderful week.  It was the last week of school before Spring Break; my son’s baseball season in full swing; and I’d reached a milestone on my journey.  In reality, it couldn’t have been further from the truth.  I can honestly say that UPS has it right:  it is all about logistics.

My wife headed out to visit her parents, and my daughter left with my sister’s family to visit my mom.  With that being the case, you would think it would be relatively quiet, but leading up to the trips, I missed out on a couple of days at the gym as I’ve been trying to get everyone ready to travel.

Overall, I’ve only been able to get to the gym three times this past week, and I feel like this week has been a complete failure.  The scale hasn’t moved this week, and I think I can attribute it to my inability to squeeze an hour or two out of my extra busy days of this week.  The days I’ve made it to the gym, I’ve felt as though I’ve been playing “catch up” trying to get myself back into the swing of things.  With this past week FINALLY over, and I think I can move past it.

As I’m writing this on Monday, the capstone on the week was my refrigerator shutting down.  Fortunately, I’ve been able to get most things into my downstairs freezer, and the rest has gone into two 25-gallon coolers I’ve got sitting in the family room.  Not sure what has gone wrong, but I’m beginning to feel as though I am jinxed.  I did have a call from a good friend that gave me some good information, including the possibility of a temporary replacement.

Having temporarily resolved the “fridge” issue, I took my son to meet his friends for dinner before heading to see “The Hunger Games.”  I dropped them off at BW3s and hopped onto Rt. 2 for a trip to the gym.  As I pulled into the parking lot, I remembered that it was Monday and I hadn’t written my blog.  So I high-tailed it home to ensure that I could get this week down “on paper” and hopefully move past it as quickly as possible.

Again, thanks for all of the support from everyone.  I feel as though I’ve been a bit of a disappointment this week.



Oh my gosh, Mr. Wessels!    You are an inspiration.  Real life is like that.  We make goals for ourselves and we fall off track.  The key is to get back on track.  Move forward.  



VTX Rider

 Are you kidding me!!!  Three days a week is better than none!!  You are doing a fantatsic job.  We all hit roadblocks in journeys that challenge us to rise up!  You made it through the week, now put it behind you and look forward this one!!  Keep up the good work.