FIT CHALLENGE: Ontko needs new clothes

Mar 27, 2012


I had to go clothes shopping this past weekend! I was at the Disability Fair at the Erie County Board of Developmental Disabilities and commented to a friend that I just realized my pants were really baggy. 

She came up from behind me later and said, “Uou really do need to get new pants!”  Thanks Mary! What fun. I headed to the Sandusky Goodwill Store after that and had more fun.

When you read this Craig, Derek, and I will be getting ready for our next physical challenge.  It will be held at the Norwalk Anytime Fitness. Derek Grant is a member there and usually exercises at the Huron or Sandusky locations.  Can’t wait to see what we will be doing.

I have been expanding my running!  I never thought I could run.  After exercising with my personal trainer Trevor Tieche of Bodi N Balance we have been running 1 mile to finish off.  Monday night, he had me go a half mile without slowing down.  And I did it!  It feels a little better each time I run.

I’m planning on entering the 5K race that is hosted  in Bellevue on Memorial Day weekend.  Trevor and FIT Challenge 2011 winner Jacob Mohr will be there too. Trevor will be running to win.  But Jacob said he would stay with me for my first 5K.  I’m not planning to win, just planning on accomplishing it.  I suppose it’s time we get registered.  Derek and Craig, care to join me? Anyone else? My sisters said, "NO." lol

I want to give a public “thank you” to the friendly members at Bodi N Balance.  They have been so welcoming and supportive.  It’s so nice to get positive comments from them while in the midst of exercising.

Have an awesome week.  We’ll get that spring weather back!



Great job Carla!! Keep working hard and you'll be shopping weekly for new clothes.. Who wouldnt love that..


Thanks BlackWidow!