FIT CHALLENGE: Ontko misses week of exercising because of sickness

Mar 13, 2012


Yes again! I was sick all week and not able to exercise at all. This time I’m on an antibiotic and cough medicine. When Saturday came I still needed to spend the whole day in bed and that had me worried about this next week.  I can’t miss more work and I don’t want to fall behind in the competition.

I exercised Monday night! And it was awesome!  I was so worried Sunday if I’d get enough energy back to get started.  But I did.  My personal trainer Trevor Tieche of Bodi N Balance took it slow and I got a little dizzy, but it was so good to be back. Trevor did warn me that a few of those pounds I lost when I was sick might disappear.  It might be water weight and not to be disappointed if that happens. It’s funny how your perspective changes. 

Now I look forward to exercising when last fall I couldn’t get myself started.



Glad you feel better !