Guerra adjusts her year-long goal

Annette Guerra
May 25, 2010


So this week, my overall mood has increased a little, but not much.  Still pretty depressed, even after seeing my doctor in Cleveland who basically fixed all my problems. 

I did choose for now not to go back on the depression medication.  Right now, I just want to get through May and not look back at it.
I really enjoyed the people's comments after my post last week. It does make me look at things in perspective. 
When I started FIT Challenge five months ago, I was 37 pounds away from being 300.  And as of the beginning of May, I was 29 pounds away from 200. 

People are right. I think setting my goal at 100 pounds for the year is what's making me so frustrated because I have so much more to go and only seven months to do it in. 

So right now, I've set a short-term goal of at least getting under the 200 mark. 

I've done 32 pounds in the first five months, I'm sure I can pull another 30-plus within seven months.  And then my journey will just have to continue after this challenge ends.

I do have to give a big thanks to my trainer, Kevin Gallagher of Anytime Fitness, for sticking by me this month.  It's been a rocky one. But now with my hip going in a much better direction, I see things improving.

I'm meeting with someone May 25, who I think will really open up my eyes and make me look at the big picture. I'll finally be able to talk to someone who has basically done the same thing I'm trying to do with all the struggles. Maybe this is what I need. 

Plus tomorrow, I will find out hopefully some good news from my doctor. I'm not gonna say what, but if he does give me the good news, I will definitely tell you what it is next week in my blog.

I know this isn't much from me this week, but I gotta say at least it wasn't as depressing as last week's post. 
I can tell you this though, I will not quit this challenge.  I may struggle. I may gain. I may lose. I may blog about quitting, but in the end that's not me.

Also, if anyone is planning on joining Gary and I at the Jon Martin 5K run/walk in Bellevue this coming on May 29, let us know. It would be nice to see people there who follow our stories.