A marshmallow that's good for you? It's true!

Jun 18, 2012


Local master herbalist Mary Colvin writes this week on her Herbal Collection's blog about the marshmallow plant, a soothing remedy against inflammation.

"The sweet confections that we all know today, may share the same name, but lack the nutritive and medicinal value of their namesake.  The very first confection was made centuries ago from the marshmallow plant.  The French peeled back the root bark and boiled the remainder into a soft and sweet white pulp," Colvin writes.

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wow  good info


looks like it's from the althea family .... like rose of sharon


Purchase cloves & make tea with stevia Juice fresh pineapple also for R.A.   Fresh wild clover is also great food until middle season - then it gets bitter. 


many plants have medicinal values. that is until they compete with the big pharmacuetical companies which will lobby to make the plants illegal. the female hops plant has medicinal properties. it is the same plant that is used in making beer. hops belongs to the cannabaceae family of plants. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cannabaceae   kurtje, you seem to know some things about medicinal plants. do you have any good web pages that you could post?


There are many medicinal plants that are readily available to us (we just have to learn how to use them).  I took one of Mary's classes and I learned a lot.


Frugal check out edible landscape. Or goggle something like " harvesting nature."   Fortunate to be raised when my parents showed us like their parents showed them.   Als look into raising your own rabbits for food source......they have more protien than fish & are projected by NASA to be raised in space for food source also.