FIT CHALLENGE: Ontko's body says, 'Feed me'

Feb 21, 2012


Our first FIT Challenge was a great success! It was hosted at my gym, Bodi N Balance.  We were to go 1,000 meters on the Indo Row. 

My personal trainer Trevor Tieche had a trainer assigned to both Craig and Derek to help them get acquainted with rowing, and he also gave complete instructions and a warm-up and stretching time.  We were all pretty equal. 

The winning times were Craig 4.22, Carla 4.29, and Derek 4.36. I guess Derek and Craig wanted to do more because they both said “is that it?” when it was finished.  I have never rowed so consistently hard in my life.  Craig was always 5-6 seconds ahead of me from the start.

My past weekend was a little hard.  I have a family member in the hospital so I spent a lot of time there.  I didn’t eat bad food; I just didn’t get all my meals and snacks in.  And for me, my body will just hoard everything to fat worried that it won’t get more nourishment again.

To those of you that asked last week about the barefoot training.  More muscles are exercised in your body when you are barefooted.  You are also exercising your feet.  I was sore for several days after trying it for the first time.  Trevor will continue to add more time doing that training, slowly.

Have a great week Derek and Craig! It was nice seeing and working with both of you at the first challenge.  I can’t wait to visit your gyms and trainers.


VTX Rider

 Keep it up Carla.


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