FIT CHALLENGE: Ontko celebrates birthday, barefoot training

Feb 14, 2012


Thank you to everyone supporting Craig, Derek and me.  I still become so overwhelmed with this wonderful opportunity we’ve been given.    The exercising, after six weeks now, is far from what it was like the first two weeks.  I still sweat like a pig and breathe hard, but it feels good instead of feeling like I’m going to die.   My personal trainer Trevor Tieche is giving me different and harder things to do.  Monday, I did my first time with barefoot training.  I really liked it.  My balance on the Bosu ball is getting better too.  My family went out to eat for my birthday this past Saturday.  I look forward now to ordering the wonderful salads that are out there.  My birthday is far enough away from the holidays it’s an excuse to get my children and siblings and everyone that goes along with all of them together.   Our first challenge was scheduled this past Saturday.  It was canceled due to the weather.  So we will be meeting this Thursday evening at 6:00 at Bodi N Balance.  Good luck and see you guys then!



 Barefoot training? Hmm..Must be good for balance?? Good seem to be doing great !


VTX Rider

 Keep it up!!!


Is the subjext of this story a male or femail?

And, does this person have a first name?


The subject is female; her name is Carla. What is the barefoot training all about?


Barefoot training is about strengthening the muscles of the foot that support 32 joints.  Shoes make your feet weak.  When you have the opportunity and are in a safe training environment, you should get out of your shoes.  For more info on this subject, contact Bodi N Balance at 419-732-1000 or email them at