FIT CHALLENGE: Grant humbled by outpouring of support

Jan 31, 2012


Now that I have lost 6 pounds I feel more energetic and active.  The workouts are getting tough.  The jogging on the treadmill is becoming easy, long as I keep pushing myself through it. 

Conditioning and the circuit that my Anytime Fitness personal trainer Ken Cutcher and I have been working on has been a breeze. I will miss that next week because he plans on introducing me to a new workout routine. 

Dieting has not been too hard, just making sure that I plan out my meals the day before.  So I’ve been eating six small meals a day, consisting of: lean meat, vegetables, a starch, fruit, and two or three snacks. 

So far I have been turning down soul food that my grandma has cooked.   I did prepare baked turkey spaghetti last week, which I made sure to eat a small amount. 

I plan on getting back in the routine effective immediately to workout six days a week.  I have gained more support for the FIT Challenge from my church members at New Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church, even my resident’s family members from Providence Care Center and people of the community.  My family is making sure I go all the way by supporting me by buying me food, making sure I get to the gym and even changing their style of eating.



Keep it up!