FIT CHALLENGE: Ontko can't resist BG pizza

Jan 31, 2012


Each week I’m feeling a little better.  But I have a problem with my lower back.  I was a little slow exercising Monday due to that. 

The stamina is getting better; I just don’t seem to be able to get my back stronger.

I had a little breakdown with the food this weekend too. I went to Bowling Green to visit my daughter, and we went out for pizza. All my children were born in Bowling Green and pizza is one of the many things I miss from living there!  That was the only problem with eating, though.  I followed my diet the rest of the day.

We met at the Register on Friday for pictures and interviews again.  It was nice
to meet you Craig.  And it was nice to see you again Derek.  Keep up the good work guys! You are both keeping me on my toes….


Super Judge

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