FIT CHALLENGE: No cake for you

Jan 24, 2012


After three weeks of participating in the FIT Challenge, I have to say the routine is becoming easier to get through.  Make sure you note I didn’t say it was easy!

My body is getting a little more in shape.  I have seen a few pounds drop off and I want more.  So keeping focused is very important to me.

My sister was a vendor at the bridal show at Lyman Harbor this past weekend.  So I attended and I ran into my personal trainer's mom, Kathy, who is also a trainer at Bodi N Balance. 

AND, Sherry Orndorff of “I DO” Cakes refused to provide me with a sample of her cakes because she didn’t want to be a part of seeing me fail the FIT Challenge!  LOL. That was so funny.  I have purchased all my cakes from her so I didn’t need a sample, but it is so supportive being out in the community and having people comment on your journey.  A lot of you follow the FIT Challenge, and Sherry said it was going to be even more fun this year knowing one of the participants. 

These good wishes always buoy me up!



 Good luck !