FIT CHALLENGE: People are noticing Grant's weight loss

Jan 24, 2012


Last week went great!  I finally have a routine down.  The workouts are getting tougher, though.

My personal trainer Ken Cutcher and I have been focusing on upper and lower body strength, but I do get cardio in before I leave the gym.  I have been cheating on certain days when it comes to food. I eat something I want, but I only eat half  and try to add a healthier option with it.

As of Monday, Ken had me jog on the treadmill with a 4.5mph speed for a total of 20 minutes with one minute of jogging and four minutes of rest.   This was very challenging, but I did it. When exercising I do feel sore at times, but as I keep on going the soreness loosens up.

So far I have been eating like I should and making sure to drink plenty of water to keep myself going.  Now people see me and say,“You’ve Lost Weight," which feels good.  I can see a difference in my clothing also.

Everyone is still supporting me to go all the way and that I am going to do.   Let me not forget to mention I did lose some weight, but you will have to read today's Register to find out how much I have lost.



 Awesome !


Awesome Derek, on your way to a healthier leaner you. I call it "Sexy Me" season. lol. I'm chearing for you!!!