FIT CHALLENGE: Ontko gets answers on her lightheadedness

Jan 17, 2012


This past week has been very busy!  I’ll start with my visit to Dr. Williamson’s office to check out why I sometimes get dizzy while exercising. 

After discussion and some tests he determined that I probably have vertebrobasilar insufficiency, or VBI.  He explained to me that it is a temporary set of symptoms due to decreased blood flow in the posterior circulation of the brain.  So, while exercising, if my head is tilted back, or if I get up too quickly, exercise my legs or the sudden cessation of the leg exercises, these can all cause me to become dizzy.  I have to be careful while doing some of these things.  I can feel when I start to get dizzy, so now I know what is causing it and when to stop.
I worked with my personal trainer Trevor Tieche twice this week and he showed me the classes that Bodi N Balance offers that I can take.  I exercised with him on Monday and Wednesday.  Sunday morning I took the 55 minute Indo Row class with Jacob Mohr as the instructor. OMG! What a workout. I was a little dazed the rest of the day… And speaking of Jacob, he has now lost 95 lbs! Thursday, I went to Harmony in Health on Cleveland Road in Sandusky, and took their Zumba class.  What a fun way to exercise. I went home (Huron) after work so this was quicker than driving to Port Clinton later in the evening.
I followed Trevor’s eating plan really well until the last two days.  I had pizza Sunday night and lunch with my daughter on Monday at Applebee’s.  I have always wanted to get their lunch special, but never get a chance to go there during the week.  I ordered the soup and salad: French onion soup and fried chicken salad.  Smaller portions but not a good choice with the high sodium soup and the breaded chicken.  But the rest of the day I followed the diet well.
My eating plan changes every two weeks.  I shopped this weekend for the new foods for weeks 3 and 4 and will have no excuses for not being able to eat everything on the list.  I am getting the hang of the routine of the 6 meals a day and planning ahead to make sure everything is packed for each day.
Thanks to everyone for all of your good wishes.  It really helps!

— Carla Ontko



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