FIT CHALLENGE: Wessels gets his butt kicked

Jan 17, 2012


This week I began to push myself harder than I had in the previous two weeks.  I’ve been working up to an hour on the treadmill, and I’ve finally been able to reach that on a consistent basis.  Along with that, I’ve begun increasing the speed at which I’ve been “walking”...yep, I’m still using that word, walking, to 3.6/3.7 mph. 

My personal trainer Patrick Carmean told me that over the next week, I need to begin ensuring that I am no longer using any of the handles on the treadmill for support.  This will certainly be a challenge, but I will do my best to do what the folks at NOMS feels is best for me and my progress.

This past Tuesday, Patrick got me working through a set of about 12 different exercises involving both free weights and about a ten of the different weight machines.  We went through the cycle together on Tuesday, and I went through the cycle by myself on Thursday.  I was able to add between 20-30 pounds of weight to each of the different exercises on Thursday.  I’m going to be doing the weight circuit each Tuesday and Thursday from here on out.

I’ve been able to make some pretty good changes with regards to what I am eating as well.  The biggest thing that I’ve had to do is set aside the things that I love to eat, but know aren’t the best for me.  As I mentioned last week, peanut butter has been the biggest thing that I have chosen to strike from my diet.  I’ve found several new healthier items that I have incorporated into diet.  I’ve really worked to become more cognizant of  the size of my portions of food, as well as looking more closely at the labels of what I am eating and drinking.
The biggest challenge of the week was on Sunday.  Earlier in the week Patrick wanted to schedule time on Sunday to, as he put it, “kick my butt.”  Well, I arrived at about 7:45 on Sunday morning and warmed up on the treadmill.  After this, I did in fact, get my butt kicked....and I needed it.

I worked my way through a much faster-paced workout regimen, including cardio work and light freeweights.  I’ve done a pretty good job at moving other amounts of weight, but I really struggled with doing simple push-ups.  Granted, a good part of this can be attributed to my current weight, however, one additional aspect that makes doing push-ups is my left bicep which was torn when I was coaching football at Perkins High.  I’ve been able to make it through the “planking” exercises that Patrick has me doing, but I really have had a difficult time trying to do pushups.  That is something that I am going to need to work on over the coming weeks and months.

Again, thanks to all of you who have given me your well wishes regarding my endeavor.  It is greatly appreciated.  I even heard from my second-grade teacher this week.  That was an absolute treat.  To Derek and Carla....I hope that you have had a wonderful week full of progress on your road to getting healthy.

— Craig Wessels



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