FIT CHALLENGE: Ontko getting dizzy during workouts

Jan 10, 2012


As I write this Monday, I have finished my first week on the new eating plan along with visiting Bodi N Balance and working with my personal trainer Trevor Tieche twice.  Wow! Lots of work.  It has taken me almost the whole week to finally get in all the food Trevor wants me to eat.

For the first two weeks I have to have six 300 calorie meals.  It’s taken me awhile to learn and plan for all the food.

I’ve made it to the gym twice.  The third visit just didn’t work out between our two schedules.  But that’s OK; it’s just the first week.  I don’t think my body minded a little rest. 

The first time I exercised I found myself getting dizzy at times.  By the time I was finished I realized it was when I did an exercise that had my head looking down that I became dizzy. 

The second visit it became worse and I almost fainted as I was doing an exercise that had me totally bent over catching a medicine ball, then standing up as fast as I could and throwing the ball over my shoulder back to Trevor.  We stopped at that point.  I have a call in to my doctor to check that out. 

But a lot of people have told me they can’t do things when their head is down, and even more have said they can’t stand up quickly or they have the same results as I did.  I’ll find out this week.  My sister said it was just my body’s way of trying to get out of exercising! lol I’m really looking forward to this next, second week!

— Carla Ontko


Phil Packer

 Carla, I think you should take it slow on the workout. Keep it regular, but don't over do it or you could hurt yourself. The medicine ball seems like too much too soon. Your body needs time to adjust.


Stick with it. If anyone can get you in shape Trevor can. He's the man!



Go go go! Don't give up!!! It will only get better and easier!!!