FIT CHALLENGE: Grant needs to get into a routine

Jan 10, 2012


Last week was just a breeze, but I feel as this week is starting, it’s going to be a little tough. Over the weekend I did cheat some with the food, but I made sure not to overdo it too much. 

Monday was my first day back to BGSU Firelands campus, and the day went good.  I also had to go to the gym to work out right after class, which was tough but I made it through it though. 

I also had to be at work at Providence Care Center as a STNA on second shift.  So this month will be tough as I try to get a routine down, I haven’t been too sore.  My family, co-workers and friends are rooting for me to go all the way which I know I can do.

 — Derek Grant



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